True behind-the-scenes facts from The Blind Side

True behind-the-scenes facts from The Blind Side

The success of the movie The Blind Side is well-known, but its many making-of stories are not. Read on to get all of the behind the scenes facts about the film that touched millions of hearts. They are sure to make you turn in your seats.

Rocky past

One part of the film that was accurate was Oher’s tough past. It tells the audience that he was homeless and never had a real family, both of which are true.

Rocky past

Oher’s mother drank excessively and took illegal substances and ultimately neglected her son. His father was in jail until another prisoner took his life. Oher does indeed come from a big family, just like the movie suggests, and has 11 brothers and sisters.

Meeting the Tuohy’s

In The Blind Side, the Tuohy family meets Oher on the side of the road, drenched from the pouring rain and all alone. We assume that the family immediately took him in.

Meeting the Tuohy’s

The Tuohy’s did find Oher on the side of the road, but they did not pick him up and welcome him into their house just like that. In fact, it wasn’t until the following day when Leigh Anne Tuohy went to Oher’s school. After that visit, she took him shopping to buy new clothes.

The true story

Not only did Oher speak out against The Blind Side, he also acted on it by making his own account of his story. Shortly after The Blind Side was released, Oher wrote an autobiography called I Beat the Odds.

The true story

In it, Oher gives his more accurate version of his life and even corrects misconceptions that the film made up about him. He also added several stories from his life that weren’t even mentioned in the film.

Tension in the air

Another part of the film that was not completely accurate was how Oher seems to get along with the Tuohy family right away.

Tension in the air

In the movie, they see him as the perfect addition to their family and Oher accepts them as his own loving family that he never had. Of course, Hollywood may have buttered that part up a bit. In reality, it took a long time for both the Tuohy family and Michael to bond.

Tough academic transition

It wasn’t only the transition into his new home that Hollywood perfected, but also Oher’s transition into Birarcrest Christian School. In the film, teachers who were at first reluctant were instantly approving of Oher after he opened up to them.

Tough academic transition

Oher’s coach also gives a dramatic speech in order to persuade the authorities to admit Oher. In reality, Oher’s coach did step up for him, but Oher had to complete many difficult academic tests before he was officially admitted into the school.

Meeting his adoptive father

Another scene from The Blind Side that Hollywood may have touched up a bit is how Sean Tuohy first meets Michael. In the film, Tuohy meets Oher out of the blue while Oher is cleaning up after a volleyball game.


According to the real Mike, he first officially met his adoptive father after Tuohy drove to his school to check in on him and make sure that his lunch money had processed.

Not just a mentee

A favorite character in The Blind Side is Leigh Ann Tuohy, who was played by Sandra Bullock. In the film, Mrs. Tuohy is portrayed as the one who instilled the love of football in Michael.


She certainly played a huge part of mentoring the football star, but he needed a lot more than her mentorship to get to where he is today. This slight embellishment made Oher very upset, he thought that Hollywood was only trying to make a mentor helps mentee type of story.

Overcoming differences

While the film did portray some of the racial tension that Oher had to overcome with his family, it did not show the full picture.


Leigh Anne admitted that although the Tuohy family loved Oher’s company, she knew that her family might now be so thrilled at the idea of him living with them permanently. Besides the initial tension, Oher fit in very well with his new adoptive family.

Michael’s talented sister

One character from the movie that was pretty accurate was Michael’s sister, Collins Tuohy. The film portrays her as an over-achiever and grade A student.


It turns out that Tuohy is indeed a very talented girl. She was very involved in sports throughout high school and college. In high school she was a state champion in pole-vaulting. Just like her brother, she attended Ole Miss where she became a cheerleader.

Mrs. Tuohy’s real job

Leigh Anne really worked as an interior designer. You may have noticed in the film that Leigh mentioned the football quarterback Patrick Ramsey.


This is because in real life Tuohy worked for the quarterback, and helped design the inside of his home. Of course only the most dedicated football fans got the connection, but it still made for a fun hidden Easter egg and was certainly based on reality.

Dedicated to Ole Miss

The spirit of Ole Miss is quite alive throughout the film, which makes sense considering Collins, Michael and Leigh are all alumni of the university.


Surprisingly, this is not the first time Sandra Bullock played an Ole Miss Alum on the big screen. In 1996, Bullock played a law student and Ole Miss student in the drama A Time to Kill. While Bullock isn’t a true Ole Miss alum, she might as well be treated like one!

Part of the family

Even though Oher was not a big fan of the film, he still respected all the actors and actresses who worked hard to make his story come to life. Oher actually kept a good relationship with the sweet Sandra Bullock herself. She stays in touch with him and the whole Tuohy family.


Bullock, just like the character she played in the film, is one of Oher’s biggest fans and goes to his games to cheer him on whenever she can. You could find Bullock in the bleachers of many Super Bowl games next to the whole Tuohy family.

Real coaches

If you aren’t an avid football fan you may not have recognized many of the actors who played the coaches. This is probably because most of the coaches in the film were actually real coaches playing themselves.


Many of them did however represent their former teams instead of their current team. For example, Houston Nutt is currently working for CBS sports, but he used to coach Arkansas. Phillip Fulmer coached for Tennessee but is now retired from coaching.

Disagreement with Briarcrest

Briarcrest Christian School was not so pleased that their actual name of the school was used in the film. They thought the film would give them a poor reputation since the teachers didn’t accept Oher right away.


The film’s director, John Lee Hancock, kept the name in the film along with certain small details of the school. In order to make it seem realistic, the film used the school’s color, green, many times throughout.

Bullock’s doubts

Easily one of the most loved characters in the film, Leigh Anne Tuohy, was played by the passionate Sandra Bullock. Bullock’s performance was so touching that she scored herself both an Oscar and Golden Globe.


You may not have known that even though Bullock seems perfect for the part, she herself didn’t think so. Before finally accepting the role, she had turned it down several times because she didn’t like the idea of playing a strict Christian.

Almost the same

Many fans of the film fell in love with Quinton Aaron’s touching performance. He was really the perfect fit. Physically, he had the same build as the real football legend.


They have the same height and weight, but there was one thing they didn’t share in common, age! Quinton Aaron is actually a bit older than the real Big Mike. Aaron was born in 1984 and Oher was born in 1986.

Rejected by Julia Roberts

Sandra Bullock was not the only actress up for the leading role of Leigh Anne Tuohy. Julia Roberts was also offered the role, but she eventually turned it down.


Although she admired the role, she didn’t feel that it was the right fit for her. Although Roberts would have most likely given a stunning performance like she always does, it is hard to imagine the movie without Sandra Bullock.

Based on a book

The Blind Side was not just based on the true story of Michael Oher, but also a book. The film got a lot of its inspiration (and its title) from Michael Lewis’s book titled, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.


In his book, Lewis writes about the lives and professional careers of two record-breaking football players, Michael Oher and Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants. Lewis’ book gained more recognition after the release of the film.

First-time actor

Although it may be hard to believe, the actor who played Michael Oher had never actually acted before.


Aaron was working as a security guard at the time, and decided to go on a whim and audition for the role of Michael. Instead of an acting résumé, Oher handed director John Lee Hancock his business card. He was in complete shock when he heard that he had actually landed the role.

Training on the field

Not only did Aaron have to grow accustomed to life on set, he also had to get used to life on the football field. In order for Aaron to play a realistic Big Mike, he had to go through some football training himself.


The Georgia Tech football team worked hard with Aaron and taught him everything they could in order to prepare him for the role. Whatever they did worked because Aaron truly looked like a professional football player on the screen!

A serious athlete

Michael may have maintained a friendly relationship with Sandra Bullock, but he still regrets the film ever being made.


It isn’t just because of how he was portrayed in the film, but of how he is perceived by people today. Instead of being treated like a serious football player who overcame many obstacles to reach his goals, he feels that many people just see him as that celebrity football player from the movie.

Welcome to Hollywood

Playing the leading role in an Academy Award-winning film ended up changing Aaron’s life completely. Before he got the role, he was just a simple security guard who had never even been on an airplane.


Not only did Aaron get flown to his second audition for The Blind Side, he also got starry-eyed during his first ever trip to Los Angeles. His life changed drastically after he got the role, and he was introduced to the glitzy Hollywood lifestyle that came with it.

Thanks to mom

Quinton Aaron may never have landed the role of Michael if it wasn’t for his supportive mother. Aaron’s mother always knew he had a great deal of talent.


When she saw there was going to be an audition for the role of Michael, and that they wanted a man with her son’s big build, she knew her son would be the perfect fit. She submitted his information for him, and waited by the phone patiently hoping to hear some good news.

Becoming Big Mike

Becoming Michael Oher was no easy task, and did not happen overnight. Quinton Aaron had to go through a great amount of intensive training and practice to make the role work.


The new actor also had to lose some weight for the role. Determined, Aaron shed 100 pounds in just a few months. He told press that he would have “done anything” to prove that he was the perfect fit for the part.

Not just an actor

If the actor who played Michael Oher’s adoptive father Sean Tuohy looked familiar to you, that is because he is none other than the country music star Tim McGraw.


Who would have known that he also had a gift for acting? Tim McGraw was not the only actor who has ties to the music world, Lily Collins who played Collins Tuohy, is also the daughter of the one and only Phil Collins!

Role of a lifetime

Sandra Bullock certainly made a name for herself long before appearing in The Blind Side. The beautiful actress had already a long list of films under her belt including the movie Speed with Keanu Reeves.


She even starred in the popular rom-com The Proposal in the same year as The Blind Side appeared in theaters. Despite her credentials, many believe that her role in The Blind Side gave Bullock her biggest break yet.

Record-breaking numbers

After The Blind Side hit theaters, audience members of all different ages and backgrounds instantly fell in love.


The film not only won big in events like the Oscars and Golden Globes, they also broke a tremendous box office record. The Blind Side’s budget was a “modest” $30 million, but it ended up bringing in a whopping total of $309.2 million. The film became the highest grossing sports movie ever made.

Artistic moment

One of the most touching scenes of the film takes place during Thanksgiving dinner. The whole Tuohy family, Michael included, is seen sitting around a table crammed with homemade food.


The camera catches a lovely scene of the perfect family Thanksgiving dinner, and gives the audience an “awww” feeling. Art critics were quick to point out that this scene is almost identical to a famous painting of Normal Rockwell’s titled “Freedom from Want.”

Not even close

In the film, Oher is bombarded with questions by the NCAA after he chooses to play for Ole Miss. The NCAA investigator, Jocelyn Granger, insisted on finding out why Oher picked Mississippi, assuming that he did so due to pressure from his adoptive parents.


Well, the real woman from NCAA who interviewed Big Mike, Joyce Thompson, came out against her portrayal in the movie. She said she interviews top prospects and monitors their recruitment process. She said that her job is not to intimidate or verbally attack the players, like the movie suggested.

Complete fiction

The portrayal Joyce Thompson was not the only part of that scene Hollywood got wrong. During the scene, Granger interviewed Oher in an office of a tall skyscraper overlooking the city.


Granger tells Oher that he has to be interviewed alone and made his mother, Leigh Anne wait outside. Well, Thompson called this false also, claiming that she actually interviewed Michael in his home, next to his father. Leigh Anne was also invited to join him, as family members are always permitted, but she was not present at the time.

Skipping class

Although the film mentions Oher’s tough background, it doesn’t go into much detail about his prior education. Before attending Briarcrest, Oher went to 11 different schools in only 9 years.


He was not known as the best student, and was absent from class more often than he was present. He didn’t care about school much and was constantly skipping class. By the time he started his first year of high school, his GPA was only 0.6.

Quite the writer

During a scene in The Blind Side, Oher impresses his teacher with an essay he wrote called “White Walls.” He really wrote the essay near the end of his high school career not the beginning.


The actual beginning of his essay is: “I look and I see white everywhere: white walls, white floors, and a lot of white people…. The teachers are not aware that I have no idea of anything they are talking about. I do not want to listen to anyone, especially the teachers.”

Really “big” Mike

It is obvious that Michael Oher was never a small guy. But how big was he exactly? When he was just 15-years-old he was already 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed about 350 pounds.


In 2010 Michael Oher was listed as being about 2 inches taller. The actor who played Oher, Quinton Aaron, was actually even bigger than the real Michael. Aaron is 6 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs about 472 pounds!

Not new to the field

Unlike in the movie, Michael Oher was actually a skilled football player for a long time before he met the Tuohy family. He always played the sport and had a passion for it.


The Blind Side shows Oher learning football from scratch, like he had never played before, with his adoptive mother on field cheering him on and telling him to protect his team like he would his family.

Happy holidays

Just like in the movie, when Christmas time came around, the Tuohys included their new adopted son in their annual card.

The photo sparked some questions by friends and relatives of the family, especially those who had never met Michael. Leigh Anne said that her cousin called pretty confused and told her, “I’m not trying to be rude or anything. Who’s the black boy in the Christmas card?” Leigh Anne had to explain to everyone that they had a new member of their family.

More than football

In the movie it only focuses on Michael’s talent for one sport, football. That makes sense considering it is the story of how he became a professional football player.


However, Michael Oher actually had a passion for another sport as well, basketball. He definitely had a good height for the sport and could easily make it to the net! He was actually quite good, and was runner-up Player of the Year at his Tennessee high school.

Big Mike’s little brother

Another favorite character in The Blind Side is Michael’s little brother, S.J. Tuohy.


Although S.J. didn’t really help teach Michael the rules of football like it seems in the movie, they did have a very close relationship and liked to play different sports together. S.J. also wasn’t nearly as small as the actor who played him on the screen, Jay Head. S.J. continues to be one of Oher’s number one fans.

Athlete father

Oher is not the only talented athlete in his family. His adoptive father, Sean Tuohy, was actually quite a star himself. He played basketball for Ole Miss and was All-SEC in every season he played.


In 1982, he got drafted to play for the New Jersey Nets, but decided against it in order to be with his father when he was sick. He took a different career path and now owns about 80 different chain restaurants.

Not a fan

As soon as The Blind Side hit theaters, it was a huge success. The critics raved and audiences everywhere fell in love with the feel-good story.


The film won many awards, and gained Sandra Bullock an Oscar for Best Actress. Despite the film’s overall success, there was one person who was not so pleased, the main character himself, Michael Oher. He commented that the film poorly represented his life and even mentioned that the film did more damage than good.

Poor portrayal

After spending some time with the real “Big Mike,” one might understand why he was disappointed with Quinton Aaron’s portrayal.

Poor portrayal

While Aaron is an incredible actor and gave a great performance, he portrayed Michael as someone who is more serious and shy, almost like a loner. The real Michael is anything but reserved, and although he takes his work on the field very seriously, he always plays with a huge smile on his face and has a roaring laugh.