Taking a look inside The Rock’s luxurious $5 million mansion

It has been quite the journey for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He went from superstar wrestler to action star, to the biggest Hollywood draw at the box office. The Rock clearly knows what his fans want and he has them running to the cinema to see his films. Working his way up from the rank of novice wrestler, The Rock was never scared of a challenge and often had to do things the hard way to get to the top.

With great success often comes great wealth, and The Rock has a healthy bank balance due to his appearances in some of the most popular movies from the past ten years. With so much money burning a hole in his pocket, The Rock went out and splashed the cash on a swanky Florida mansion. The mansion is big enough to fit his enormous frame inside comfortably, something that he might have struggled to do in something like a tiny apartment in New York. If you’ve been curious to know how The Rock spends his time when not on set, then check out the inside of his amazing mansion.

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is the second-highest paid actor in the world this year thanks to his box office hits. So far in 2018, The Rock has earned $124 million through his acting appearances, helping to boost his net worth to a total of $220 million.

With that money, The Rock has invested some into buying a large house to fit a man of his gigantic stature. He comes across as one of the good guys out there, and few can begrudge him the success he has worked so hard to gain.

His big house

What does a guy the sheer size of The Rock need to live in? A massive mansion based down in Florida, of course! This is what the outside of Dwayne Johnson’s Miami mansion looks like.

It’s pretty big, and there is definitely enough room on that property for The Rock. If he wanted, he could even build himself a wrestling ring in the front yard, and he’d still have more room than he would ever need.

The view from outside

Although many of us would love to go to Johnson’s home and hang out with him, maybe even have him teach us about his diet and exercise regimens, the closest we’ll likely get is to see his house is from outside the gates.

This is what a backyard party at Johnson’s home looks like because someone was lucky enough to be invited in for a picture. There’s a swimming pool with a jacuzzi for relaxing and plenty of space for hanging out with some drinks.

Bathing in luxury

After a long, hard day knocking out the bad guys on the set of his movies, The Rock can come home and unwind in this luxurious bathroom.

If he wants to chill out in the bathtub for hours he’ll find plenty of room in this ornately positioned tub to rest his weary muscles. If he’s feeling particularly tired from a long day, then he can even take a seat in front of the mirror while he brushes his teeth before bed.

Grand rooms

High ceilings in a property pretty much show off your wealth. It shows your guests that you have enough cash to have large rooms without the need to utilize every inch.

The Rock is known to be musically talented, and this large room will provide great acoustics for when he’s playing his piano or strumming his guitar. A great showman, there is enough room for his entire family to sit around and be entertained by him if they wish.

Taking a dip

No celebrity mansion would be complete without a luxurious pool. The weather down in Miami is known for being pretty hot, so The Rock definitely needs a place to cool down when topping up his tan.

The pool parties must be pretty legendary at Johnson’s mansion especially if he brings along his A-list co-stars. If somehow you get bored of hanging out around the pool area, there is still plenty more to enjoy on the inside of The Rock’s mansion.

Lots of dark wood

The Rock bought the Florida mansion from former Miami Dolphin Vernon Carey for $3.4 million back in 2012. The house is designed in a Mediterranean style which features lots of dark wood all around the interior.

Although Johnson might be one of the most famous actors in the modern era, his home has a classic feel to it, showing that maybe he is a pretty traditional guy. The wood littered across his home is in stark contrast to the white marble that many of the floors are made from.

Firing up the BBQ

What outside living space would be the same without a grill to cook burgers on? If The Rock ever feels like hosting a party in his yard, then all he has to do is fire up the grill and start throwing food on it.

Who could resist a freshly charred snack while enjoying the luxury of Dwayne Johnson’s home? Miami is famous for its palm trees, and Johnson has made sure to keep some of these iconic plants close at hand to remind him where he is.

The office

Although he spends much of his time working elsewhere, mostly on movie sets, there is space to work and to get his affairs in order should he need to.

If work is ever getting him down while stuck in this office, all The Rock has to do is to turn around and take a look out of the window. That should be enough to remind him just how amazing this property is and refocus his mind on making sure he’s getting things straightened out so he can keep it!

A place to eat

We all need somewhere to eat at home, and The Rock can definitely say he dines in style. This is the dining room where Johnson can gather his family and enjoy some laughs over a hearty meal.

It’s the perfect setting for romantic meals, but at the same time, it can hold enough people to ensure there’s plenty of room for everybody at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Perhaps this is how much space Johnson needs to lay out all his food as the movie star reportedly eats 5,000 calories daily.

Iron Paradise

Why go to a public gym when you can just build your own? When The Rock works out he really works out, and if this gym is anything to go by, there’s not a part of his body he can’t work on while here.

People who love working out often feel most at home when in the gym and The Rock loves working out, just look at the size of his muscles! He named his gym Iron Paradise and it’s basically Disneyland but for fitness enthusiasts.

Not just for The Rock

It isn’t just The Rock who works out at the Iron Paradise. Johnson often brings his dog to help keep his spirits up. While The Rock might be focused on other things, this little dog is getting a workout of its own!

Sometimes when an exercise is proving too tricky to get through we all need some inspiration. If The Rock can look at his dog and see it’s working out too, then that might just be the motivation he needs to push through the last set.

Where the calories add up

If The Rock really does eat 5,000 calories per day, then he’s going to spend plenty of time in the kitchen prepping his food.

It doesn’t look like there’s enough space here for 5,000 calories in total, let alone per day, but The Rock obviously finds a way to make sure he’s getting enough. Working out so often, and intensely, requires a lot of energy. We all might like to eat that much in a day, but even with the exercise, we aren’t going to look as good as Johnson does.

Big couch for a big guy

Kicking back and relaxing is one of the best things about getting home after a long day.

Due to his size, if The Rock wants to spread out and relax he’s going to need a pretty big couch, and luckily for him that’s exactly what he’s got! While he might take up two-thirds of this large couch, there’s still plenty of room for someone else to join him without being unceremoniously kicked to the floor.

Lover of sports

The Rock is a lover of sports and when purchasing this house from a former football player, he might have felt as though he should keep this room as he found it.

There are lots of sports references in this room meaning that any young guest staying at The Rock’s house would love to spend some time here. The Rock himself played football in college and even played in Florida for the University of Miami. While his football career didn’t work out, things turned out pretty great for Johnson anyway.

Better than a mirror

The Rock is able to chill out and watch films and TV shows in the comfort of his very own movie theater.

He has starred in so many films at this stage of his career he could easily spend entire days just watching his own films if he wanted to. There’s even a popcorn machine in the room, although with The Rock’s strict diet he might have to leave the eating of it to his family.

For entertaining guests

When welcoming guests into his home Johnson doesn’t have to worry about them getting bored. If he has a group of friends stopping by he can take them to his very own bar, and spend hours entertaining over some drinks.

If The Rock is working as a barman for the evening, he will probably make sure he gets some good tips. He will earn them either through his charm and wit or through guest’s fear of being on the receiving end of a Rock Bottom – his famous wrestling finisher – for lousy tipping.

Somewhere to lay his weary head

After bashing skulls on set, then coming home to squeeze in an intense workout, The Rock probably needs a super comfortable bed.

Just like his couch, the bed is more than big enough to fit the giant actor in, with room to spare too! If he doesn’t feel like being lazy and watching TV in bed, there are a couple of low lying armchairs to let him and his partner binge-watch their favorite shows on Netflix.

A room with a view

If he gets bored of sleeping, as if that’s possible, then The Rock can open the curtains and enjoy the view from the luxury of his bed.

He can open the windows and hear the birds if he wants to wake up like a Disney princess, or leave the curtains drawn if he’s not ready to take on the world yet. The bedroom is the most important room as it’s where you spend a lot of your time, and it looks as though Johnson would have no trouble getting to sleep here.

Fortress Rock

The Rock has bought himself a pretty huge complex to spend his time in when he’s not working. The size of his property matches his ambitions and there’s more than enough room to get lost in, even for a giant like Johnson.

It looks as though he has few neighbors nearby so he can enjoy his free time in complete peace and quiet, free from anything that might distract him from his big passion, working out.

Living the high life

Being one of the highest grossing actors in the world has its benefits. For The Rock, it means he can live life exactly how he wants: in a huge mansion with his own personal gym.

After amassing a huge net worth over 20 years of hard work, The Rock has earned the opportunity to slow down and chill out in his Miami home. Not that he shows any signs of slowing down his pace of life as he’s all set to have another huge year in 2019 at the box office.

The gate

We’ve spending so much time on the interior of the house, and we’ve even had some fun examining the various elements of the outdoors.

But what is a proper mansion without a secure gate, letting everyone know of the house’s exclusivity? We aren’t saying it’s bad to open your doors to world, but sometimes boundaries are needed in life. And when you’re someone as famous as the Rock, you need a strong gate to keep away the stalkers.

Backyard and chill

Here’s another angle of the swimming pool, and what we like about this point of the view is its candid feel. Looking at the pool in this manner, from a solid distance, you can really imagine a Sunday barbeque taking place here.

It provides such a nice atmosphere for family and friends to come over, and we’re guessing that get togethers such as these happen all the time in this backyard. And those palm trees are pretty awesome too.

Delicious den

As we enter the house once more, let’s take a bit of a closer look into the living room area, or quite possibly the den.

Some of the other appliances are now more visible than they were before, such as the jet black grand piano in the left corner of the photo. Does Dwayne Johnson play piano? Who knows… maybe he’s been practicing, and he’ll surprise us all one of these songs with an EP. We already know he can sing from Disney’s Moana.

Loading zone

Here we have a unique view of not just the house, but the circular brick area which is open for cars that are driving in.

There aren’t any cars in the picture, but we’re guessing that guests are probably pulling up in there constantly. Dwayne and his family probably have a separate parking lot, but it’s always good to have an extra area such as this for folks to come and drop stuff off, or whatever they may need to do.

Hidden Hills home

Although we’ve spent all of this time focusing on The Rock’s mansion out in Florida, it simply wouldn’t feel right if we left out some of his previous houses from the action.

Indeed, the pro wrestler also owned a mansion in Hidden Hills, California, and this is the location of the beautiful house you’re looking at in this picture. Located about 22 miles from Hollywood, Johnson used to live here, but put it on sale in 2012, eventually selling it for $5 million.

Stairways to heaven

As you can see, the inside of this place looks just as wonderful as the outside, and it almost hurts us to think that Johnson gave it all up (of course, we know the house he got in return, so perhaps it’s not that big a deal).

Full with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool and a home theater, this house spreads out to around 9,000 square feet. A majestic double-stairway takes one up to the second floor, where there are more goodies to be found.

Entrance hall

Here’s a slightly closer look at the entrance hall, where visitors may come to lounge as they please, while gazing in awe inside the lavish beauty of the mansion’s interior.

It gives off the impression that people had some pretty awesome parties in this place, and something tells us these parties are still taking place – simply not hosted by The Rock. These pillars are reminiscent of Rome and other ancient landmarks, adding to the house’s mystique.

Atmospheric bliss

When we look at a picture like this, we think does it really get any better? It’s one thing to have a house that looks wonderful at the forefront, and another that looks amazing within.

But what about when you go into the backyard? Johnson’s old California pad not only sports an impressive swimming pool, flanked with a freshly cut garden, but it observes out into the beautiful Los Angeles landscape, with the greenest of trees and a beautifully painted, mystical sunset.

Ferrari fun

We teased you a little bit earlier with one of Dwayne Johnson’s cars, but now it’s time to show you a few more. Granted, the car isn’t necessarily part of his house, but it’s certainly something that people see when they walk in.

And when people see Johnson standing next to a Ferrari LaFerrari Matte White like he is in this picture, it certainly makes a statement. How in the world he managed to fit in there is another question, but it still looks pretty darn cool.


This is one of our favorite pictures yet, and it’s because it shows us the “human” side of Dwayne.

Granted, this Ford F-150 Custom Built Pickup was probably very expensive – but it certainly gives off a different vibe than a Ferrari, or a Bugatti. It gives off an air of wear and tear, a feeling of adventure, a disregard for perfection and cleanliness. This car reflects Dwayne Johnson in a deep way, and the chemistry comes through effectively.

How else the Rock spends his money

Obviously, when someone has as much money as The Rock, they have cash to splash and are able to spend it on pretty much whatever they want. Some choose to give their money to charities or foundations.

Others buy expensive clothing, jewelry, and accessories. The Rock has some very specific things that he chooses to buy with all his millions. In addition to gorgeous homes and luxury cars, some of the other things may surprise you just a little.

Food on food

A person as large as the Rock needs to eat a lot every day in order to keep up his muscle mass. While we’ve already mentioned exactly how many calories the man consumes in a single day, you may have wondered how much he spends on all of this food.

There’s probably no telling exactly how much it costs to feed Dwayne Johnson, but he does have some favorites. The actor loves sushi, pizza – only on cheat days – pancakes, and cookies. He even cooks, too!

Treating his fans

The Rock knows that it is only thanks to his fans that he is so successful – after all, they’re the ones running to theaters to see all of his films. Because of this, he likes to do what he can to give back to the people who have always supported his career.

He even became ordained to perform some fans’ wedding. Dwayne also arranged for some to see his movie Rampage in theaters, and obviously he also paid for their snacks.

Helping out

Behind all that muscle is a beating heart and The Rock sure has a big one. He loves to give back to the community and donate as much as possible to those who need it.

He founded an organization called Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation to help enrich the lives of children who suffer from illness or who are bound to hospitals. The program is designed to help build their confidence, and it also promotes health through physical activity.

Family man

The Rock may be a multi millionaire now and a huge Hollywood star, but he sure hasn’t forgotten where he came from. He shows his appreciation for his family through gifts that are, well, not exactly small.

He gifts have includes an SUV for his father and a car for his favorite uncle. His mother has also been spotted riding in her son’s private jet. These folks have consistently supported Johnson throughout his life and career and he will always do what he can to give back to them.