Taking a look inside Anderson Cooper’s Hamptons home

Anderson Cooper is one of America’s most popular and respected journalists. For years he has been conducting interviews with some of the world’s top politicians and leading figures. Cooper isn’t all about being super serious though, and he loves a good party, that’s why he hosts the New Year’s Eve Live countdown show. He was joined by his once good friend Kathy Griffin, but since the pair seemed to fall out, he has had to find other guests to present the show alongside him.

His main job is to deliver the news to us, and he hosts his own show doing just that. Anderson Cooper 360° is the show he anchors on CNN, and it has proven so successful it has even won a couple of Emmy awards. The news is Cooper’s business, and after becoming one of the leading news anchors in the country, he has been able to afford to live in several houses. Have you ever wondered how an internationally recognized news anchor lives? Take a look inside Anderson Cooper’s Hampton homes to find out.

Hamptons house number one

This is Cooper’s first house in the Hamptons. It’s a very spacious property that was built during the 1940s, and it comes with vaulted cedar ceilings which bring a touch of luxury to the house.

While there is plenty of space in this room, Cooper has also managed to make it feel cozy at the same time. This home follows the theme of stylish and spacious, yet there is a definitely homely feel to it at the same time.

A room with a view

Both of Cooper’s Hampton homes are on the water, so they all come with one thing in particular; a great view. In this light and spacious bedroom, Cooper can wake up to a stunning view and not even get out of bed to enjoy it. With the high ceilings and light tones on the walls, this bedroom can’t help but leave whoever sleeps in it fresh in the mornings.

Our only concern is that there are no drapes on the window, so whoever does sleep here has to be okay with waking up whenever the sun comes out. At least you can get up and enjoy looking outside, even if you are woken by the light at 5am every morning.

Cooking and dining

Cooper leads a very busy life, often having to put in long hours to cover the latest breaking news. It looks as though he enjoys a spot of cooking to help unwind when he is away from the hectic schedule of the newsroom. This kitchen is ideal for cooking with guests as Cooper can be busy making some delicious food but is not shut off from the rest of his guests.

That can make dinner parties feel extra special as your guests can get involved in the cooking and the host doesn’t feel shut off from their friends. Again this room is very spacious as Cooper can enjoy the benefit of the vaulted ceilings throughout the home.

Split level sleeping

Guests at Anderson Cooper’s Hamptons home can also enjoy the luxurious lifestyle that their host has become accustomed to here. This split level room comes with a comfortable bed on the bottom floor, but with something special above it.

You can climb the staircase to the level above where the window above lets you peer up at the stars in the night sky. It has a country cottage feel to it, but with the luxury of being in the Hamptons, so you know you’re not a million miles away from civilization. Of course, with Cooper’s busy schedule, getting away from it all is probably something he loves to do whenever he can.

The reading room

If Cooper’s house is full of guests, then he can take himself off to this reading room to get some peace and quiet. There aren’t many distractions for him in this room so Cooper can keep on top of his reading without feeling the need to go and do something else.

It’s the perfect room to get lost in a book and let it take you away to another universe. As with most of the rooms in this property, the space feels light and airy, meaning there is no room for bad thoughts here as the light touches every corner. After dealing with doom and gloom in the news, the last thing Cooper wants is a dark home to live in.

Easy access

One of the best features in this Hamptons home is the fact it’s just a short walk to the swimming pool. Cooper might worry about not getting enough exercise through his busy schedule at work, but he knows he can always do some laps in the pool.

This room has the best view of the pool in the house, and it’s perfect for hosting pool parties while taking some shelter from the hot sun. Living in this house must feel like permanently being on vacation for Cooper.

Separate pool house

If the main house just feels a little too big for Cooper at times, he can always take himself off to the pool house instead. It is the perfect spot to enjoy the swimming pool, but it’s large enough that Cooper doesn’t have to get into his bathing suit if he doesn’t feel like it.

This picture showcases just how large Cooper’s pool is at this property, and there is definitely enough room to throw an amazing pool party if he wanted to.

Comfortable living

The main thing for Cooper in this house is comfort. With the high vaulted ceilings, it could feel a bit like living in an art gallery, but Cooper has managed to make this house feel like a home.

There is plenty of land for the news anchor to get lost in and a large swimming pool for hosting parties. It seems as though Cooper loved living in the Hamptons so much he couldn’t have just one house, and up next is his second property in the New York area.

House number two

This is house number two in the Hamptons for Cooper, and just like the last one, it is located near the water. The ceilings in this home probably won’t be as high as in the previous one, but we reckon Cooper has managed to make it feel just as stylish.

It’s hard to imagine anyone coming home to this property and not immediately dropping all of their concerns in life. This must be what it’s like to have a ‘happy place.’

A porch to enjoy

What’s the point in having a porch if you can’t enjoy it? Some of us have porches that look out onto the road, but Cooper can sit on his porch and look out at where the Atlantic Ocean meets America.

We can just picture him sitting here during the summer, with an ice cold glass of lemonade, staring out at the boats passing by his property. He can gently rock himself back and forth on these rocking chairs, helping to put his work out of his mind in the process.

Luxurious touches

It seems that whenever Anderson Cooper buys a home, the first thing he looks for is that the ceiling is made of wood. This stylish living area backs out onto the swimming pool, but Cooper doesn’t have to even look in the direction of the water to have a good time.

His entire wall is filled with books, and there is a large TV for him to watch someone else report the news for once. Once again Cooper has made sure the light reaches all corners of this house.

Decking for entertaining

If Anderson Cooper likes to host guests, then this just might be the ideal property for that, especially when the sun is out. This decking is spacious enough to have a party on, and the people enjoying the festivities are just a stone’s throw away from the water.

If his guests are getting a little too hot due to the weather, they only have to walk a few steps, and they can cool off in the water.

Classic styling

The best feature of this room is undoubtedly the amazing wooden flooring. It’s so dark and worn it looks like it could have been taken from a pirate ship or something. If nothing else, Cooper can come to this home and sleep in style thanks to his amazing bedroom that looks to back out onto the decking outside.

What could be better than getting up in the morning, throwing open the doors and taking in the wonderful views on offer?

Space to host

Anderson Cooper doesn’t need the good weather to throw a party at this Hamptons home, although it probably helps. This dining room has space enough on its own for party hosting, and Cooper can impress his guests with his cooking skills.

Like in a many of the rooms Cooper owns, there is artwork on display, and a roaring fire should anyone be feeling a chill. All it needs now are some guests, and this party can officially get started!

Moving to Brazil

It seems as though Cooper wasn’t happy just vacationing in the Hamptons and he has recently bought himself an exotic home in Brazil. The theme of space and light continues here too as Cooper doesn’t seem to ever want to be surrounded by darkness.

His home opens up onto a dense landscape, but inside there is plenty of space and comfort to be found. He can chill out on the couch or move over to one of the windows to survey what’s going on in the jungle outside.

Sleeping in style

What’s the point in having a luxurious home if you can’t sleep in style? This room must be so relaxing for Cooper that as soon as his head hits the pillow, he goes out like a light.

He can close the drapes to enclose himself into the bed, making it feel more secure and less open than the rest of his home. It looks as though Cooper make sure he catches up on his reading when at this vacation home judging by the books at the end of the bed.

Spiritual eating

Brazil is a religious place, and it seems Cooper was happy to stick with that ideology in his dining area. As he tucks into some fresh food for breakfast, he is overlooked by several altars, all with religious figures hiding inside.

Although most of Cooper’s homes are painted white on the inside, he has kept the spirit of the carnival alive by adding a dash of blue to this room. This is the perfect place for Cooper to forget about America and the news for a while to focus on relaxing.

His Connecticut home

And then of course there’s his Rye house which is in Connecticut. Just when you thought there weren’t any more exciting treats that Anderson Cooper had to offer you, here we have yet another majestic piece of property that the American news mogul lives in whenever he feels like it.

When you see the various rooms he has in this one, you’ll be wondering how he’s ever able to choose. Does one ever get sick of having too many awesome houses?

Magical and grand

As you can see here, this is far from your typical house in the modern era. Sure, it’s probably edgy in the artsy sense, but if we’re really looking at what’s in front of us, it looks like it came from Royalty of the 19th century. Or something like that.

It actually looks a little bit like Hogwarts, for any of you Harry Potter fans out there. In fact, is that the Mirror of Erised in the far corner? If so, it can probably detect us wishing we lived in this house.

Larger than life

The staircase is the epitome of this ancient but Royal feel that seems to be a trend here. It gives us the feeling like it’s much greater than us, like we’re almost not worthy. Does Anderson feel compatible with this place?

Sure, he might be wealthy, but this house feels like there’s a depth to it we can’t quite place. In fact, the house was actually built in 1908, but the history it reflects on feels a lot older, if you catch our drift.

Room for great thinkers

The sitting room exudes the feel of two elderly intellectuals who would enjoy nothing more than to engage in a fiery debate about philosophy, or science, or art, or anything that might tickle their fancy.

It looks like the type of room that would be pleasant to relax with an old book. The idea of a television, or an iPad, or anything type of electronic device for that matter, existing in this room, seems strange to imagine.

A place to chill

But just when we thought Anderson Cooper’s ancient looking Rye home couldn’t get any more traditional, we take you out to the backyard pool, which looks pretty darn modern actually.

Complete with a basketball hoop, a back house, perfectly mowed grass, and a plethora of pretty looking trees and bushes, this picture looks like it knows what century it belongs in. The whole atmosphere feels like a vacation – and it’s actually making us want to throw on our bathing suits and dive in.