A peek inside Jason Statham’s home

As soon as you hear the word ‘celebrity,’ you probably also hear the word ‘money.’ After all, celebrities are some of the richest people in the world, and they certainly know how to spend it. Alongside buying flash new sports cars, the latest designer clothing, and going on endless vacations, these celebs also invest a huge amount of their fortune into real estate. Jason Statham is no different, and this British actor has made a new life for himself across the pond in this epic house of mammoth proportions…

The ultimate antihero

Over the course of his impressive acting career, Jason Statham has made a name for himself as the ultimate anti-hero. It seems as though he doesn’t just score the leading parts, because this man has also managed to bag himself a leading lady in the form of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Statham and his fiancé have welcomed their first child into the world and are currently planning a wedding, but they definitely don’t have to worry about finding the perfect house. After all, they’ve already found it in the form of this $12.9 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

A good-looking home

It’s no secret that Jason Statham and his wife are pretty good-looking, so it should also come as no surprise to see that these two have managed to find one of the most beautiful homes in the area. This 5,600-square-foot home has two storeys, five bedrooms, and a whopping eight bathrooms to its name.

The couple must have fallen head over heels in love with this home when they bought it in 2015 because they have been there ever since. That’s a long time in terms of Hollywood real estate.

A beach house

Although their mansion is located in the hills of Beverly Hills, there’s no denying the fact that this house would not look out of place on the beach. With the light wood, the whitewashed walls, the sand, and the greenery, this is the kind of house that will make you smile as soon as you set eyes on it.

However, the house itself wasn’t the only thing that was on offer when Jason Statham bought this home. It also comes with a third of an acre for them to enjoy at their leisure.

Light and airy

As you make your way into the house, you are struck by just how light and airy it is. Everywhere you look, you are able to see the world outside.

From the giant windows that adorn either side of the house, to the skylights that cover the length of the ceiling, there is no shortage of natural sunlight coming into this house. As keen entertainers, we can see why Jason and Rosie fell in love with this place. With an open-plan kitchen and living space, they can cook up a storm while their guests chill out.

Whipping something up

We can’t say anything about Jason Statham’s cooking skills, but even the worst chefs would want to take a whirl in this kitchen! He may be used to making his way around racing tracks, but he could easily make his way around this kitchen island while making breakfast for his son and fiancé.

Decked out in white paint, stainless steel fixtures, and wooden slats on the ceiling, everything about this kitchen looks sleek and stylish. With three ovens, there’s more than enough space to cook a delicious meal in this room.

A recurring theme

One of the things we love about Jason Statham’s house is that there is a recurring theme throughout. They have kept to a similar aesthetic, and it’s clear to see what their vision was when decorating this mansion.

With reclaimed driftwood-style finishings, this modern home also seems rustic and natural. Glass doors, panels, and windows adorn almost every surface of this house, and it’s almost like you’re still outside enjoying the sunshine. The whole house has also been decked out in minimalist and eccentric pieces of art.

Getting comfortable

The life of an action star must be incredibly tiring, and we can imagine that Jason Statham often needs to chill out after a long day on set.

Thankfully, he has the perfect place to do this. This living room looks like one of the most comfortable hangout spots in his house, and it has everything he needs to settle down in the evening. From the soft couch to the roaring fire and the wooden accents, this room is bound to get your eyes drooping. We feel cozy just looking at it.

A view to remember

This is just another view of the living room area, where you can see how large and spacious it really is. Although we can imagine that Jason and Rosie love to have a chilled night in on the couch, it’s also the perfect space to entertain.

With space to fit countless friends on the couch and the chairs, they can host the party to end all parties in this room. The best part? If the weather is warm enough, they can open the living rooms doors to the backyard to enjoy the summer’s evening.

Just chilling out

Of course, no celebrity home would be complete without a second living room. This one is much smaller and much more casual, and also features a small dining table.

This looks like the ultimate family room, where Jason and Rosie can chill out on the couch while they make sure that Jack has eaten all of his dinner. Like with the other rooms in the house, this room is shrouded in reclaimed wood, and open to the elements outside. Just look at all of those skylights in the roof!

The magic

Whenever we take a look at a celebrity home, we just have to see where the magic happens. This is just one of the five bedrooms that live in this house, and you can see just how cozy it really is.

Everywhere you go in this house; you are surrounded in this light wood that makes you feel as though you are being transported to a beautiful beach house. Jason and Rosie have made sure that they have little details throughout that give these rooms a pop of color, including the artwork on the walls and the rugs.

The man cave

Men are always desperate for their very own section of the home to call their own. In this case, Jason Statham has his very own man cave which is a little different from the rest of the home.

While the accents of the light wood and the rustic theme are still there, the black walls are a stark contrast to the white walls that adorn the remainder of the house. With doors that open into the backyard, Jason has the chance to just take some time out in this room, or get some fresh air. He’s got it made.

The tub of dreams

After a long day at the movie set, we can imagine that Jason Statham loves nothing more than to jump in the bath or shower. Thankfully, he has numerous bathrooms to choose from. With eight bathrooms in his Beverly Hills mansion, he really is spoiled for choice.

This bathroom is our favorite, though, and features a giant walk-in shower and a roll-top bath. Decked out in white marble and with windows that open up to the elements, this really is a beautiful bathroom. Although we do hope their neighbors can’t see in!

Backyard antics

Nearly every single celebrity home in Beverly Hills comes complete with a pool, and Jason Statham’s house is no different. This gorgeous outside area might not be the largest in the world, but it’s certainly one of the most beautiful.

Complete with a generous lawn area and patio, the piece de resistance of this backyard is the pool and hot tub. This area comes complete with day beds to lounge on, as well as a hammock in the corner – just in case Jason fancies having a snooze in the sun.

Party time

The outside of Jason Statham’s house is just as impressive as the inside, and you can see how the aesthetic of their home has also been brought outside. From the reclaimed wood fireplace to the barbecue pit in the middle, this area is ready for the guests to arrive.

They can chill out on the wooden chairs, they can dip their toes in the pool, or they could toast some smores on the fire. Surrounded by trees, this house really is a modern diamond in the rustic rough.

A family home

Although there are few professional photographs of the inside of Jason Statham’s home, the actor often takes photographs that showcases his house and posts them on social media. In this snap, he posted an adorable photograph of his fiancé and his son.

They were obviously on their way to an important event on this occasion, and they just had to show off their outfits while standing in their entryway. Aside from the fact that this house is utterly breathtaking, it’s apparently also a great selfie backdrop. In true Jason Statham form, the photo is also in black and white.

Taking a break

Jason Statham isn’t the most avid social media user, but when he does post a photograph, he always makes sure that it’s something special. When he’s not posting photographs of his muscles in black and white, he’s reposting professional photos that have been taken of him.

This snap was actually taken in his home, and you can see just how much this couple loves their light wood and their neutral tones. Although we sometimes wish for a pop of color, they seem to have got the balance just right.

A loving fiancé

Although Jason doesn’t post a huge amount, he does often use his social media platform to gush about his fiancé. He snapped this beautiful shot of Rosie while they were just chilling out in their living room, and you can see just how comfortable she looks.

She’s even color coordinated her outfit to the couch! This seems like the place to hang out in the Statham/Huntington-Whiteley household because they also get a great view of the backyard while they’re in the process of unwinding after a long day.

Another asset

As well as owning a pretty spectacular house, Jason Statham is also the proud owner of a few toys. Known for his need for speed, it should come as no surprise to learn that Jason has his very own motorcycle. Of course, he doesn’t just have any motorcycle.

He has an expensive Triumph bike that many motorcycle fans will be drooling over. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to leave this bike out in the rain, as he can pop it away in the garage while he’s not using it. How cool does he look?

An Italian lover

Over the course of his career, Jason Statham has made no secret of the fact that he loves German cars. However, it seems as though he is partial to the odd Italian car. Most notably, he loves a good ol’ Ferrari. Alongside many of his other cars, Jason is particularly fond of his Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

This car comes with a 6.3-liter V-12 engine, as well as a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The starting price for this type of car starts at around $380,000 – which is most than most people would spend on their houses.

Going home

Although he has become a major star in the United States, this British actor does often like to go back to his roots. Whenever he goes back to England, he drives some of the coolest cars in the business down the country lanes.

On this occasion, he couldn’t help but proudly pose next to his Jaguar XJR. With his checked shirt, his flat cap, and his brown boots, this picture should be enough to tell you that you can take the actor out of England, but you can’t take England out of the actor!

Happy homes

Here’s just another shot of Jason, Rosie, and Jack hanging out in their hallway, because it’s just too adorable to ignore. Although he may be one of Hollywood’s biggest action heroes, there’s no denying the fact this tough man lives a life that is far from tough.

His house is rustic and cozy, his family are beautiful, and he is living his best life in Beverly Hills. This is by far one of the best celebrity homes we have ever seen. Needless to say that we’re jealous of Jason right now…