Take a look inside Jessica Simpson’s $11.5 million mansion

Jessica Simpson is known well for both her talents as a singer as well as an actress, and all of that success has left plenty of money in the bank for her. With great money usually comes great mansions and that held true for Simpson.  Jessica moved into her Hollywood mansion in 2013 and if you were wondering what the inside of this glorious home looks like, today is your lucky day.

Jessica Simpson

A teenage sensation, Jessica Simpson had to learn how to deal with the pressures of being famous from a young age. She began to take the world by storm as her career began to soar.

As the years went by Simpson was in the spotlight more often, thanks to both her record sales, a reality TV show, and a budding movie career. Success in Hollywood brings lots of money, and that’s certainly the case with Simpson – she parted ways with $11.5 million to buy her current mansion.

Hidden Hills

Wanting to keep her private life as much to herself as possible, Simpson opted for a luxurious home in the Hidden Hills region of Los Angeles.

When she moved to her new home in 2013, she found she was in one of Hollywood’s hottest property spots. Recent residents of Hidden Hills are rumored to include Drake, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, and LeAnn Rimes. With such esteemed company, the houses in Hidden Hills are likely to be some of the biggest and best around, and Simpson’s definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Previous inhabitants

In fact, Simpson bought her new home from a very famous celebrity couple. The previous residents of Simpson’s house were none other than Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

Ozzy and Sharon had been living out in Hidden Hills and were looking for a sale at the same time that Simpson was looking to relocate. The mansion comes with six bedrooms, a home theater, a guest apartment, a pool, and a spa. There is so much room in her home, Simpson can spend every night of the week in a different part of the house.

The view from outside

This is what Simpson’s house looks like from the outside are. It’s a large property, and if Simpson wanted space away from her family, all she’d have to do is find a random quiet spot, or take herself off to the spa.

Simpson was looking for more room when she bought the property with the plan on having as much space as possible for her children. Shortly after moving into this property Simpson married her long-term partner Eric Johnson in 2014.

Family dining

With plans on growing their family at the time of moving in, Simpson needed to have a space for her children. Simpson is now expecting a third child, so they are going to have to squeeze in a high chair around that dining table.

It shouldn’t be too difficult as there’s so much space in that dining room, Simpson and Johnson could have another five children and still have more than enough elbow room at the table.

Somewhere to hang out

If you’re going to spend $11.5 million on somewhere to live, the chances are you’ll want to enjoy the time you spend there. This is a homely looking space and the perfect spot for Simpson to just hang out with the family and enjoy each other’s company.

Decorated almost like a beach house, if Simpson and her family don’t feel like trekking to the beach, they can hang out in this room and pretty much feel as though they are there.

Fit for a princess

This room is incredibly luxurious and looks as though it’s fit for a princess to stay in. With a small bed in the room, it’s likely a space for a child and any child staying in this room couldn’t be any luckier.

With a fire to warm them during the colder months, there is also a balcony to enjoy when the sun is shining. Overlooking the entire city, this room is perhaps one of the best in the entire house.

A huge shower

With a built-in spa, this house ensures you can find a way to unwind no matter how stressed you are. If Simpson has had a bad day, then all she needs to do is turn on her massive shower and enjoy the flowing hot water washing away her troubles.

Space is something there is a lot of in this home and not only is there a lot of space in the shower, but the actual room itself is perfect for a busy family.

Soaking in luxury

If you’re going to have an incredibly luxurious home, then you’ll need a bath that can live up to the standard of the rest of your house.

Simpson has the option of spending the night soaking in the bath if she wants, and with the TV tucked away inside the wall she won’t miss a thing. People spend hours watching their TV while sitting on the couch, but not many are lucky enough to be able to do the same thing while soaking in the tub.

Cozying up by the fire

If the weather outside is making her cold, Simpson has the luxury of lighting the fire and enjoying its heat. California isn’t known for being the coldest place in the world, but that doesn’t stop it getting cold from time to time.

With the option of turning on the fire, Simpson and her family can snuggle up in the winter and enjoy the festive feeling over Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s important to feel comfortable in your home, and with this fire, Simpson and her family will be cozy all year round.

Where she rests her weary head

At the end of a long day, it’s important to be able to get some sleep and Simpson can enjoy the luxury of her four-poster bed in this huge bedroom.

Being able to shut the world out and close your eyes is something Simpson can do with ease in this room. With the crackling of the fire, the room is perfect for sleeping like a queen, and Simpson can definitely feel like royalty when waking up in this room.

Taking a dip in style

No superstar’s mansion would be complete without a great swimming pool, and Simpson has one of the best in town. With enough room to swim lengths like in an Olympic sized pool, Simpson can get plenty of exercise in her backyard if she wants.

Not only does she have a massive pool but it overlooks a large garden, and downtown Los Angeles too. After a swim, Simpson and her family can sit in their swinging chair and enjoy the sunshine lighting up the city they live in.

A grand staircase

A mansion isn’t complete without a grand staircase leading up to the second floor. Pretty much the first thing you see when entering the property, this staircase leaves an impression on anybody standing before it.

With an ornate chandelier lighting up the hallway, Simpson can impress her guests with her style and taste. Although the house was built in 2001, there are some elements in the decorating that give it a classic feel often not found in modern mansions.

The kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in any house for some people. If you like your food, then you dream of having a kitchen where you can cook pretty much any meal.

Simpson has a large oven, meaning she can have several pots on the go at one time when cooking for her ever-growing family. With an island table in the middle, her entire family can gather around and watch their meals being cooked, before getting their meals directly from the stove.

Plenty of space

With plans to add at least one more member to their family, Simpson and Johnson are going to need plenty of room to feed everyone.

This spacious kitchen gives the entire family a chance to hang out together while meals are being prepared. If they plan on hosting any parties, Simpson and Johnson can boast a great kitchen, which is pretty much where most parties end up anyway! If they invite a bunch of friends around for tea, they can use that giant teapot and brew enough for a small army.

Tucked in the corner

Tucked in the corner of their kitchen is this well-lit breakfast room. The family can come down from their bedrooms in the morning and enjoy a meal together while having an overview of the entire city.

With the sun coming into the room in the mornings, Simpson’s family can wake up and start their days together in the nicest way possible. There’s room for their guests to join them for some orange juice and eggs, allowing Simpson and Johnson to play host.

A place for entertaining

With such a large property there needs to be room for entertaining guests. What is the point in having all of that space if you don’t use it?

This outdoor party area will allow Simpson to host garden parties around her pool, with a great backdrop. Coming from Texas, Simpson is representing her home state with this barbeque, no doubt providing perfectly cooked meals for her guests. Smoked meats are huge in Texas, and with this setup, Simpson can replicate the juicy meat dishes found in the Lone Star State.

Enjoying the California lifestyle

There isn’t much point in living down in California if you don’t find a way to enjoy the lifestyle. Afterall, with glorious sunshine for the majority of the year, most residents find a way to spend as much time outside as possible.

For Simpson and her family, they have plenty of outdoor space on their property. Simpson’s home has two and a half acres of land, which allows her to enjoy the California sunshine as much as possible without having to go out in public.

From above

This is Simpson’s property from above, and you can see the mansion is pretty big. Simpson’s home is so big she has two wings coming from the main house, and all of that land if she wants more space.

While she might have neighbors, she is far enough away from them she will probably never have to meet them. In life, you can’t choose your neighbors, but even if Simpson doesn’t like whoever lives next door so is far enough away she can pretend they don’t exist.

Take in the garden

Besides part of her 2.5 acres overlooking downtown Los Angeles, there are other features of Simpson’s garden. If she is feeling like she wants to get into gardening, she can try tending to several of the flowers she has here.

While gardening isn’t for everyone, Simpson at least has the garden looking in good shape, regardless of whether she or professional gardeners look after it. With wide open space near the pool area of the garden, Simpson has kept a section dedicated to being kept pretty.

Gothic living room

Perhaps the style of this room is of the previous residents, the Osbournes. With the crosses and furnishings, this room definitely feels much more like something Ozzy and Sharon would have had, rather than Simpson.

If she has kept the room this way, then it must feel like stepping into another world for Simpson and her family with all of the wood and textures. One feature found in many of the rooms in her house is the fireplace, and this room might just be the coziest in the entire mansion.

Separate living quarters

Jessica Simpson’s home boasts a guest apartment, and if those staying there want a bit more privacy or alone time, they can chill out in their own living space.

With space to do their own work and a couch to relax on, Simpson’s guests can feel like they are staying in a home from home. The space comes with a bathroom and is self-contained, so Simpson’s guests could stay in the guesthouse without feeling like they are getting in the way of their host.

Guest bathroom

A theme of the entire house is luxury, and even in the guest apartment, the interior designer has kept that in mind. Guests at the Simpson residence can enjoy their very own bathroom, complete with a bathtub, that they too can spend hours soaking in.

It’s fair to say that anybody staying at Jessica Simpson’s house will be very looked after by their host. Sometimes when staying with family or friends the best you can hope for is a couch to sleep on, but guests here get an entire apartment.

Overlooking the city

One of the outstanding features of Simpson’s property is that it overlooks downtown Los Angeles. She might be escaping the hustle and bustle of the city by staying in Hidden Hills, but Jess can still cast an eye over it in the evening if she chooses to.

With a snug little patio area, she and Johnson can grab a blanket and sit under the stars as night takes over the sky while enjoying their peace and quiet.

Time for a dip

It wouldn’t be a true home in Los Angeles if it didn’t have a pool. Having a pool in the sunny “City of Angels” is something that many non-celebrities have, so it goes without saying that a wealthy celebrity would have one.

As you can see, Jessica’s pool is truly beautiful, with a swan statue on one end (unless it’s a real swan?) and a white gazebo-like structure to the right. It also happens to be pretty humongous, adding to its awesome effect.

Warm and cozy

This room has the type of traditional look that is more inviting than you might think. It makes you want to just walk in there and crash land on the couch.

It makes you want to fire up that fireplace and have some quality family time while enjoying a nice book. It has an array of deep, yet vibrant colors, adding to the richness of the room’s appeal. If we had to give this room a name, we’d call it “intelligence.”

Open spaces

There really are no real words to describe the decadent beauty staring out at us in this picture.

The pure shade of light green grass, illuminated brightly from the reflecting sun, and evolving in depth as the day goes by. The vast expanse of open space, expounded on by the beautiful Los Angeles summer sky. It’s clear that this is one house that wasn’t placed her by accident. And we can see why it cost Jessica so much to buy it.

From ‘A’ to ‘B’

When you walk in Jessica’s house, there are more than just rooms. There are the common areas, but more accurately, the open hall.

The places that transition you from room to room. Hallways are an obvious necessity to every house, but not every home has one as big as this. This one is extremely wide, and provides the inhabitant with a sense of clarity and reason. There is every sense of being at peace while standing in this vast hallway area.

Unique blend of colors

And here we have yet another inspired living area. It seems to be another common room of sorts, perhaps like a den of some kind. Where do we even start?

The combination of colors between the couch and the footrest provides an unlikely successful clash. The maroon really adds to the richness of the room. And the plush material of the sofa, flanked with all of the decorative throw pillows, has an extremely proper feel to it.

Changing perspective

The beauty of going on a tour inside someone’s home is that it allows you to see many different aspects of the house from many different distances and angles.

In this particular scenario, we have the same staircase we looked at before, but a slightly different angle illuminates its beauty in a whole new way. This is especially true because it shows how you can see the outstanding view of Los Angeles while climbing these majestic stairs.

Seeing the light

If you think this picture looks familiar, it’s because we recently showed you one that was very similar.

The only difference here is that it’s evening, and therefore we’re able to appreciate it in a whole different light. We use the word light here on purpose, because the nighttime illuminates the bright lights of this house more than any other time of the day. We actually find this picture to be even more beautiful than the one during the day.

The one that got away

We’ve spent most of our time here showing you just about everything there is to know about Jessica Simpson’s house in the Hidden Hills – but right now we’ve got something else for you.

As we’ve already acknowledged, it’s obvious that her house is pretty darn extraordinary. But what about the house that she lived in before the Hidden Hills home? It turns out that her old home is just as wonderful, an evergreen-inspired mansion in Beverly Hills.

Koi pond

Who needs to check out the inside when the outside is literally to die for. Check out the Koi Pond in the backyard of Jessica’s old Beverly Hills home, and tell us that you don’t wish you could hang out there.

If we’re being honest, we couldn’t think of a better place we’d rather spend an afternoon. With the striking visuals and the serene sound of rushing water, it seems like the most ideal place to relax after a long day.

Magical entrance

If you needed any more convincing that Jessica’s home before she moved to the Hidden Hills was truly gorgeous, this picture should do the trick.

It looks like a wonderland, inviting guests to open their eyes in wonder as they gaze out in shock. This picture makes you wonder why she ever considered leaving this place – but then again, her current house is just as beautiful, if not more. If you had the choice, which would you choose?