Nanny shares a photo of ‘her daughter’, her boss realizes she’s been using her son for a scam

In today’s day and age, we live in a world where social media reigns supreme. It’s not uncommon for expectant and new mothers to post photographs of their children on the likes of Facebook and Instagram, and we all love to see these adorable photos fill up our feeds. However, one nanny got more than she bargained for when she posted a photograph of her daughter on Facebook. As her boss inspected the photo, she realized that something didn’t quite add up. When she looked closer, she couldn’t believe her eyes…

Something strange

Most of us can’t go a day without posting or sharing a photo on social media, and we have learned to expect that new moms are always going to show off their adorable children for the rest of the world to see.

That’s just the way it is. These mothers normally expect congratulations, well-wishes, and coos of adoration, but one woman received something else entirely. As her boss took a closer look at one particular photograph of her baby daughter, she knew that she had to say something. Something just wasn’t right.

Going back in time

To truly understand the extent of this story, we need to go back to 2010. During this time, a woman by the name of Emily had a three-month-old son called Blake.

Overwhelmed with life as a new mom, Emily knew that she needed help. As she searched for a nanny who could help her take care of her son, she eventually stumbled across a woman named Ashley. With supposedly excellent credentials, Emily hired Ashley, but she had no idea how this would affect her family, as well as countless families around the surrounding area.

Some big news

As she got used to her new job, Ashley began to flourish. She was a natural around children, and she was able to look after Blake with ease.

In Emily’s eyes, she was young and energetic, and that’s exactly what she was looking for in a nanny. Emily was pleased with her choice, and she was even happier for her new nanny when Ashley told her that she was pregnant. Emily knew that Ashley would be a great mother, and she was excited for her to take that next step in life. After all, perhaps Blake and Ashley’s child would become friends?

A regular pregnancy

As the next few weeks and months went by, Ashley’s pregnancy went by without a hitch. At least, from Emily’s point of view.

She didn’t suffer too much with morning sickness, Ashley would show off her ultrasound photographs while they were talking, and the youngster would even make phone calls to her doctor while she was in the room with Emily. Everything seemed to be going well, and it was just like any other pregnancy. Now that Emily knows what really went on, she can’t help but wonder where it all went wrong?

Something suspicious

Emily was often in the house at the same time as Ashley, and they would talk about their pregnancy experiences, and how Ashley was coping with the major life change that was going on.

Despite her condition, Ashley didn’t let her pregnancy affect her work ethic, and she was still able to look after Blake without a care in the world. This pleased Emily, but she was conscious that Ashley shouldn’t be overdoing it. Because of this, she made sure that Ashley walked straight home after her shift one day. It was here that she noticed something suspicious.

A pillow?

As Emily watched Ashley walk down the path, she noticed the nanny pull something out from underneath her shirt. From where Emily was standing, it looked as if she had pulled a pillow out from under there.

The mother was confused. Why was she stashing a pillow up her shirt? And why had her bump suddenly got smaller? A quick thought flashed through Emily’s mind, and she began to wonder whether the nanny had lied about her pregnancy. However, she couldn’t believe that she would make up such an elaborate lie.

Thinking about it

No matter how hard she tried to forget about the pillow, Emily just couldn’t get the image out of her mind. She was convinced that she had seen what she thought she saw, but she just couldn’t get her head around it.

It was then that she decided to really think about her interactions with Ashley. Ever since Ashley started looking after Blake, she had told Emily these incredible stories about her life and experiences. Emily just assumed them to be true, but she soon realized that they were way too elaborate to be real.

Looking on Facebook

The more she thought about Ashley and the circumstances around her employment, the more Emily became suspicious of the woman who was looking after her son.

To curb her suspicions, she decided to search the internet in the hope that she would find something to prove her wrong. This investigation led her to a Facebook page that would turn this story on its head. What’s even worse is that what happened next was just the start of this horrific ordeal, because Ashley was not the person everyone thought she was.

A girl called Cheyenne

As Emily scoured the internet, she found herself on a Facebook page that was set up by Ashley herself. The nanny had set up a page for her so-called daughter, Cheyenne.

Within the comments section of this page, she wrote about her beloved daughter and the fact that she had a heart condition and needed a life-changing operation to survive. She asked for donations through this page, and there were certain aspects about this page that rang alarm bells in Emily’s mind. For starters, Ashley didn’t have a daughter named Cheyenne.

All lies

Ashley didn’t have a daughter, and she was convinced that her nanny also wasn’t pregnant. She couldn’t doubt herself any longer, because she knew that she had seen Ashley pull a pillow out from underneath her shirt. Emily was confused and had no idea why her nanny would create a fake page like this.

Was she trying to extort money from willing donors? The more she looked at the page, the more she realized that the pictures Ashley had used looked strikingly familiar. Before too long, she realized why.

Using her son

Although Ashley had not used close-up photographs of “Cheyenne,” Emily was still able to get a good look at her so-called daughter.

In this moment, she knew for a fact that Cheyenne wasn’t real. That’s because Ashley was not posting photographs of a little girl at all. Instead, she had taken photographs of Blake, after dressing him up as a girl! Emily was disgusted, and couldn’t’ believe what she was seeing. How could a woman she trusted use her son in such a way? She wasn’t going to let this slide.

Reaping the benefits

Emily did not know how much money Ashley had managed to extort from people who were touched by her lies, but she knew she had to put a stop to it.

She immediately fired Ashley from her position as a nanny and even filed for a restraining order so she could not come near her or her son again. Although she still didn’t feel safe, she felt better to have Ashley out of her life. Little did she know that Ashley wasn’t just a nanny. She was a con-artist, and this was just the start of her life of lies…

A secret life

Unbeknownst to Emily, Ashley had been pretending that Blake was her child for the past year.

She had posted photographs of the pair of them on Facebook, and she told everyone that she met that Blake was her son. One person she told was a woman called Katie, who met Ashley and Blake at a local Gymboree. The pair immediately hit it off, and they soon became friends. They bonded over their children, and they became close confidantes. Then, everything supposedly came crashing down for Ashley.

Spinning a new story

By this point, Ashley had been fired by Emily. She was no longer working for Emily, and she no longer had access to Blake.

This posed a problem for Ashley, who could no longer continue her charade. She needed to spin a new story – and that’s when Katie received a phone call that she would never forget. Ashley phoned her friend in hysterics, and Katie was quick to question what had happened. In a horrific lie, Ashley claimed that her son had passed away in a head-on collision. In her eyes, her story had come to an end.

More lies

Although this story may shock you, that wasn’t the last time that Ashley duped those around her. Despite the fact that she was caught out by Emily, this didn’t stop her from trying her tricks all over again.

In fact, Ashley made a girl friend in 2012, who was immediately struck by the lies that she spread. She told the woman that she had recently lost her 2-year-old to a heart defect, that her husband had just passed away from a terminal illness, and that she was expecting another child.

A loving friend

The woman in question was a loving friend, and she couldn’t just sit back and watch as Ashley got bigger and bigger.

Of course, she didn’t know that this was simply a graduating pregnancy suit. The woman got a large group of her friends together to throw Ashley a wonderful baby shower, and they spent hundreds of dollars on gifts and toys for the baby. Ashley gladly accepted all of the expensive gifts and later sold them to keep the money for herself instead. It was a simple ploy, and she managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

A huge number

Over the course of her deception, Ashley has been caught out a number of times. Eventually, her story came to light, and she was asked to appear on the talk show, Dr. Phil.

During this interview, Ashley confessed that she had made up at least eight different children over the course of her lies. She had stolen photographs from other mothers to make these lies seem real, and she had even lied about giving birth to stillborn babies, having miscarriages, or her kids passing away as youngsters. There was no lengths that she wouldn’t go to.

Wanted to be a mother

During her interview with Dr. Phil, Ashley noted that she knew her actions were wrong, but she had always wanted to be a mother. She knew how easy it was to create a fake life, and that’s exactly what she did.

We’d love to say that her lies stopped after this analysis, but that isn’t the case. In September 2018, Ashley came to the forefront of media attention after Ashley’s lies came to light once again. But this time, her lies didn’t revolve around children. This time, they revolved around the California wildfires.

A desperate plea

As the California wildfires ravaged the surrounding area, Ashley put her deception to use once again. She posted a message on Facebook to say that her husband was working as a firefighter and that they were running low on supplies.

She asked for donations and goods that would help not only the fire service, but also those who had been ravaged by the fires. Amazingly, she was able to raise a whopping $11,000 worth of goods, and even more money for her supposedly good cause. We now know it wasn’t good at all.

Feeling uneasy

Before too long, many contributors began to feel uneasy with Ashley’s story. As they alerted the authorities, it was noted that she had made up the name of her nonexistent husband and that she had kept the money for herself.

What struck a chord the most with those that had donated, was just how elaborate her lie had been. Not only had Ashley made up a fake husband, but she had also written a heartfelt plea that felt so real. They wondered how she could be so cruel and insensitive.

A true con artist

Ashley is now being investigated by the police, and it’s believed that her years of deception have finally caught up with her.

While we will never know what led Ashley to lie about her pregnancies and her family life, we do know she is now getting the consequences she deserves. Although her punishment will not take away the pain that she has caused many families and parents like Emily, it will hopefully give them a little respite from the ordeal that has torn them apart.