One father books six flights just so he can spend the holidays with his flight attendant daughter

A parent’s love typically knows no bounds. The feeling is always there, no matter what, and most parents like to do little things to remind their children just how much they love them. They will go out of their way to help their kids, and often times will go to the ends of the earth if their child needs something. Parents also want to see their kids as much as possible, which can be difficult once they grow up and have busy lives and jobs of their own.

The holidays are a time where most families get to spend time together, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. When one father discovered his daughter had to work over the holidays, he just knew he needed to do something so they could still see each other. His daughter is a flight attendant, so this meant she would be up in the air for much of the holiday season. So what did he decide to do? He booked all of the flights that she was on so that they could still see each other and spend time together.

Working through the holidays

Christmas time, and the holiday season surrounding that particular part of the year, can be full of magical moments where everyone is cheery and excited for the end of the year and the beginning of a new one.

This is the time where most people either go home to be with their families, or at least spend the holidays with their loved ones. When Pierce Vaughan found out she was working not only during Christmas Eve, but also on Christmas Day, she was sad that she’d miss out on being with her parents on those joyous days.

One way or another

When Pierce’s father got word that his daughter was going to be working over the holiday, he knew he needed to do something. While he was obviously proud that his little girl was working hard and enjoying her job, he still wanted to make sure he’d be able to see her throughout Christmas.

It was then he had an idea. Hal Vaughan decided he was going to see his daughter and spend the holidays with her one way or another. He took his idea and turned it into action. Hal booked multiple flights – the ones Pierce would be working on over those two days – so that he could be with her.

Taking advantage of benefits

Hal basically decided that if Pierce couldn’t be with him, then he was going to be with her, whatever it took. If she was going to have to work during Christmas – one of the busiest times to fly – then he would find a loophole so they could still spend it together.

He decided to take advantage of the benefits that come along with having a family member who works as a flight attendant. He got discounted tickets for the flights Pierce would be attending and he hopped onboard the first leg of his journey. In total, there were six flights across the U.S. he would join her on. This was definitely going to be a Christmas they would never forget.

Striking up a conversation

Sometimes one of the best parts about traveling on planes is meeting new people. While many times no one really talks to the people sitting in the seats near them, other times they start chit chatting to make the flight go by faster. Perhaps that’s what happened between Hal and one of the other passengers on one of his flights.

In fact, if the two hadn’t struck up a conversation, we might not have this story to tell. It turns out Mike Levy is the reason Hal and Pierce’s story is so widely known now. Since December 24, 2018 – the Christmas Eve flight – their adorable story has been spread all over the world and it’s all thanks to Mike.

Sharing the story

Mike Levy was flying home on one of the Christmas Eve flights Pierce was attending. Hal was seated next to him, and the two got to talking about what he was doing for his daughter. Mike decided to post on his Facebook page about the man who bought six flight tickets just so he could spend the holiday with his daughter who had to work.

Levy thought what Hal had done was too great not to share and he even took a selfie with him and a photo of Pierce to add to the post so people could put faces to the story. He ended it by saying Hal was a fantastic father and wished them both a Merry Christmas.

Viral sensation

As with many heart warming stories, Mike’s post about Pierce and Hal went viral pretty quickly. It has now been shared about 215 thousand times and people cannot get over how precious this family is.

Mike mentioned that he never expected his post to get so much attention, and definitely didn’t think it would go viral to the extend that it did. People had nothing but nice things to say about what Hal did in order to be with his beloved little girl on Christmas.

Heart-warming holiday story

Perhaps the reason that stories like this get so much attention is because it seems like most of what’s in the news these days is tragic and horrifying. Sometimes it is really refreshing to hear about people doing adorable things for the ones they love most.

It really does warm the heart to read about a father doing everything he can to see his daughter when they probably assumed they wouldn’t have been able to spend the holiday together. After all, family should be together during this time. Thanks to Mike’s post, Hal and Pierce’s story has made it to news outlets such as CBS, USA Today, and CNN.

An accident

As it turns out, Hal was actually involved in an accident earlier that year. He was quadriplegic for a bit after breaking his neck. Thankfully, he started to get better and began to slowly recover. This Christmas trip was the first flight he’d been on since the accident.

While he was still moving a little slowly, he was getting stronger every day. As we previously mentioned, Mr. Vaughan wasn’t going to let anything stop him from spending Christmas with Pierce.

You never really know a person

While most other people on the flight probably just assumed Hal was any other passenger going home for Christmas, there was so much more to him.

This proves that you really never know what’s going on in people’s lives, but Mike got the chance to learn about the Vaughan family, and is very happy he had the opportunity to meet them and share their story. Not only was Hal doing something kind for his daughter, but he was also overcoming a personal struggle in his life.

Pierce’s reaction

Another social media post that went viral about the story was Pierce’s reaction to everything. She wanted to make sure her mom was included, so she tagged her in a post explaining how all had gone smoothly and that her dad had made it on every one of her flights.

We’re sure Kimberly – Pierce’s mom and Hal’s wife – was thrilled that the plan turned out perfectly. She was probably at home in shock – the good kind, obviously – by the reaction and attention her family’s story was receiving.

Flattered by the response

Pierce was so thankful for everyone who had helped make her dad’s Christmas trip go according to plan. She mentioned in the post how amazing all of the people who made it happen are and thanked them for being so patient and helpful.

It was because of them that he was able to make all the flights, and even get first class tickets. She also gave a special shoutout to Mike Levy for sharing their story and for understanding how cool her dad is.

Picture perfect family

It seems like Hal and Pierce have always shared a special bond. The two of them, along with Kimberly, post countless photos together on Facebook having a blast as one big happy family. Pierce has even mentioned that Hal is the “best dad in America” and she clearly loves her parents very much.

Everyone knows things online always seem picture perfect, but the Vaughan family really proved what they would do for each other – and apparently, this includes booking multiple cross-country flights so that they don’t spend Christmas alone.

Challenging, but worth it

Hal did admit that his plan was pretty challenging, but obviously being able to be with Pierce during the holiday was totally and completely worth it.

The father mentioned that navigating all the different flights proved to be a difficult experience, but Levy noticed by the looks on their faces that he and Pierce were having a great time together. Mike was probably thrilled that he was seated next to such a lovely person. It makes us wonder who was lucky enough to be near Hal on the other flights.

Christmas miracle

The holidays are usually a time most people get to kick back and relax with their families. People travel near and far to be able to give their loved ones a holiday hug and to share meals and time together.

Pierce was probably so disappointed at the thought of not spending Christmas 2018 with her family. She called what her dad did a Christmas miracle and it truly was incredible that he did something so sweet for her. It was probably the best gift she’d ever received.

Appreciating family

Stories like this one are enough to make people really appreciate their loved ones. Family are the people who can drive us crazy and hurt us the most, but they are also the ones who would go to the ends of the earth for us.

They’re the people who know and care about us the best. That’s why Hal Vaughan knew he needed to do something to show Pierce just how much he loved her because no one, especially not his little girl, should spend the holidays alone.