The biggest differences between Meghan and Kate’s pregnancies

There’s nothing more exciting than whipping out the “Congratulations” banners, blowing up the balloons, baking a yummy cake, and decking a room out with confetti to celebrate the news that one of your friends or family members is expecting their first baby. After all, they’re bringing a tiny human into the world! That really is cause for celebration.

This excitement lasts the whole nine months as they buy adorable baby clothes, paint the nursery, and choose a name. Friends and family coo around the baby bump and fuss over the mother, but it seems as though we don’t just do this for the people we love. Thanks to our obsession with the Royal Family, we also get pretty darn emotional when we hear that there is a new Prince or Princess on the way.

Meghan Markle bump-watch was activated shortly after her May 2018 wedding, and fans were waiting on tenterhooks for an announcement to be made. Her pregnancy was finally announced on October 15, 2018 – but it’s fair to say that everything about Meghan’s pregnancy has already been incredibly different from that of Kate’s. These are the biggest differences between Meghan and Kate’s pregnancies so far.

A few differences

There’s no doubt about the fact that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are two very different people. Kate hails from English high society and is second in line to become the Queen consort, while Meghan is a former Hollywood actress who has a soft spot for the rebel of the Royal Family.

Yet, it seems as though their differences don’t stop there. Ever since Kensington Palace announced the news that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expecting their first baby, the differences between their pregnancies have become ever clearer.

The announcement

The news that Prince Harry and Meghan were expecting their first royal heir came on October 15, 2018, and it’s safe to say that the world collectively squealed. The couple have won over fans and royalists alike across the globe since their wedding, and many were waiting impatiently for such news to become public.

Kensington Palace released an official statement on social media that day when Harry and Meghan were in Australia as part of their Royal Tour. Over the next couple of hours, they were inundated with congratulations from those around them, and those closer to home.

The travel ban

As a member of the Royal Family, Meghan Markle has some pretty thorough rules to follow. This will only be heightened now that she’s carrying Royal cargo on board, as pregnant women within the family are watched like a hawk to ensure the safe and happy arrival of the baby.

One of the rules involves a travel ban, as the Queen rarely likes the royal heir to leave the country. However, Meghan had already kinda broken that rule, considering she was in Australia when the news was announced.

Staying put

Throughout all of her pregnancies, Kate managed to adhere to the travel ban. Although there was one instance where she traveled to Norway while carrying Prince Louis, she largely stayed in the United Kingdom and kept her travel plans to a minimum.

However, Kate has always tried to keep ol’ Lizzie in her good books – and we assume that she didn’t want to get on the wrong side of the Queen by ignoring her rule. On the other hand, Meghan didn’t seem to care too much. Her royal duty was calling.

Making it official

Although there are many rumors floating around that Meghan and Harry told their friends and family about their pregnancy at Princess Eugenie’s wedding, no official Royal announcement can ever be made without going through Kensington Palace first.

The people who work in the press office are always the first ones to release breaking news that affects the royals, and this was no different for both Meghan and Kate’s pregnancies. Yet, that’s where the similarities end because Meghan and Kate’s announcements couldn’t have been more dissimilar if they tried.

The “safe” point

It’s a general rule of thumb that expectant parents wait until the 12-week mark of any pregnancy to make any announcements. That’s because the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are a little uncertain as there is a much higher risk of losing the baby.

Meghan and Harry chose to do the same, and royal sources noted after the Kensington Palace announcement that Meghan had already had her first scan and had passed the all-important 12-week mark. The source also confirmed that Meghan was in “good health” and that the pregnancy was going swimmingly.

A mother’s love

Whenever something big happens within the Royal Family, Kensington Palace are always the first to report it – but they also like to offer exclusives to news corporations. After the pregnancy news was announced, ET reached out to Kensington Palace for more information.

It was here that the palace gave a statement from Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland. Within this statement, Doria confirmed that she was “very happy about this lovely news” and that she couldn’t wait to welcome her first grandchild. This is one of the first times the expectant grandmother has made a royal announcement.

Outfit changes

With a hectic Royal Tour schedule to contend with, Meghan Markle had no time to rest after their baby news was announced. Instead, she made her way into the crowds in Sydney to meet fans, she then went to the Taronga Zoo to cuddle some koalas, and then she topped off the day with reception at Admiralty House.

This meant that she had to undergo two different outfit changes, and the expectant mother was photographed in all of her finery – complete with a confirmed baby bump.

A Royal front

As news of their announcement continued to spread across the globe, Meghan and Harry continued onward with their tour. Royal Tours are notorious for being jam-packed and extremely busy, and it’s fair to say that this couple haven’t had time to truly digest the news that the world now knows that they are going to be parents for the first time.

They were putting on a regal front, but it seems as though Harry wasn’t too happy with this. Instead of following his grandmother’s rules, he intervened to make his wife as comfortable as possible…

Taking it easy

In fact, Harry asked Royal officials whether it was possible for his wife to take it easy for the rest of the tour. While he understood that she would need to make an appearance every now and then, he didn’t want her to be on the go as much as they had been.

After all, carrying precious cargo comes with certain responsibilities, and keeping mother and baby as healthy and as happy as possible is of paramount importance. Because of this, we can imagine Meghan will shy away from the limelight until the baby makes an appearance.

Stark differences

The whole world screamed in excitement when they heard the news that Meghan Markle was pregnant, but it was no different when Kensington Palace announced all three of Kate Middleton’s pregnancies.

Amazingly, the Duchess of Cambridge has welcomed three heirs into the world, and although they are now getting older, we still remember the day that the news made its way into the world. One of the main reasons for this is that Kate’s first pregnancy announcement was very different from Meghan’s pregnancy announcement, and you just can’t deny that.

Keeping it a secret

When Kate Middleton and Prince William first discovered that they were expecting their first child, they were over the moon. The baby, that would later be known as Prince George, would become a rightful heir to the throne, and one of the most important people within the Royal Family.

Like Meghan and Harry, the couple wanted to wait until the 12-week mark to announce the news, and this took them up to Christmas 2012. They had planned the most perfect Christmas announcement, but they soon realized that wouldn’t happen…

Health concerns

Over the course of her three pregnancies, Kate Middleton has suffered from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. This severe form of morning sickness affects countless expectant mothers every single year, and Kate has experienced it while carrying Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

In early December 2012, the Duchess of Cambridge was taken to hospital to be treated for the condition, and she stayed there for three days. Because of royal protocol, they had to rethink their big announcement, and their plans to have a big reveal crumbled around them.

Keeping up to date

Because the Royal Family are such important members of society and loved by millions of people across the world, Kensington Palace feels as though it’s their duty to keep people up to date with the health and wellbeing of Royal family members.

As Kate was in the hospital, Kensington Palace had to make a difficult decision. Although they didn’t want to spoil the surprise or reveal Kate’s first pregnancy too soon, they needed to explain why she was in the hospital. So, they were forced to make the announcement much earlier.

Not on her terms

Therefore, unlike Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy announcement was not on her terms. She didn’t get to prepare herself for the announcement, she didn’t get the chance to thank the people around her, and she wasn’t even outside the hospital when the announcement was made.

This is perhaps the biggest difference between Meghan and Kate’s pregnancies and one that we have a feeling Kate will be very jealous about for the rest of her life. After all, Kate’s shining moment was taken away from her.

No official statement

One of the most heartwarming moments of Meghan and Harry’s pregnancy announcement was Doria Ragland’s statement to the press. After a tough year of family drama, it warmed the hearts of many to hear that Ragland was excited about the next step in her daughter’s life.

However, many have questioned whether it’s royal protocol for the mother of the expectant mother to make a statement to the press. In the past, Kate Middleton’s mother has not released her own separate statement, which makes us wonder whether the Markle family is bending the rules once again.

A first encounter

When the news was first announced that Kate Middleton and Prince William were expecting their first child, Kate was being treated for hyperemesis gravidarum. Because of this, she did not have the chance to wear an incredible outfit or make sure that she was dressed up to the nines for the photographers.

Instead, she looked fairly exhausted as she posed with her husband on the steps of the hospital, while wearing a checked coat and a simple scarf. It was much less of a spectacle than her sister-in-law’s announcement.

Talking to the people

While on their Royal tour in Australia, Meghan and Harry were given the opportunity to talk to those who had traveled across the globe to see them in the flesh. Most notably, Harry and Meghan spoke to a Prince Harry’s biggest fan, Daphne.

The 98-year-old has met the Prince on numerous occasions, and he instantly recognized her in the crowd. After telling the couple how happy she was for them, Meghan excitedly told Harry’s fan that “Hopefully the next time we see you we will have our little one with us!”

Going home to rest

Although Meghan had the chance to speak to the public about her pregnancy, Kate had no such luxury. Because of the complications with her health, Prince William and the Royal advisors made sure that Kate went straight home to rest.

They wanted to make sure that the Duchess did not overdo it, or harm herself or the baby in any way. While Meghan has since been advised to rest, it is not on the same level as Kate’s time away from the public eye.

Canceling appointments

In fact, Kate Middleton had to cancel numerous public events during her pregnancy because of her ill-health. She occasionally made it out of the house to attend Royal galas or award ceremonies, but they were few and far between.

Her health was of paramount importance, and her Royal duties came second. So far, Meghan has not suffered from any pregnancy complications, so we can only assume that she will continue to appear in the public eye – but perhaps not as much as her husband.

One and the other

Although Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may be Duchesses and sisters-in-law, it’s fair to say that they are two completely different people. This can be seen within their style, their personality, and even their pregnancies.

While Meghan has so far had more freedom in terms of her announcements, her traveling arrangements, and even her public appearances, Kate’s experience was much more restricted. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to hear more about the new Royal addition that’s set to dawn on Buckingham Palace in 2019.


Another difference between Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan is their age at the time of their first pregnancy. Kate Middleton was 31 years old when little Prince George was born five years ago while Meghan Markle is 37 years old.

Meghan Markle’s age led to a great deal of speculation about how quickly she would get pregnant after tying the knot with Prince Harry. Many followers of the Royal Family believed that since she was already above the age of 35, Meghan and Harry were in a rush.

Making history

The important fact that Meghan Markle is biracial and grew up in a family with a white father and a black mother has already been much discussed when she became a member of the royal family.

But now, since her baby will have a mixed racial heritage, it will make history. The child will be one of the first mixed race individuals in the line of succession, a fact that is being celebrated by many people around the world.

American mother

Meghan Markle is different than other members of the Royal Family for a number of reasons, one of which being that she is an American citizen. The duchess plans to become a British citizen, but it is a lengthy process and will take some time.

According to United States laws, a baby born to an American citizen in a foreign country under conditions like Meghan’s is an American citizen. So, the baby will likely be the first member of the Royal Family to have dual citizenship.

Doctors and hospital

While there are plenty of differences between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s pregnancies, there are also some constants that will be the same.

Meghan will likely give birth in the same hospital as Kate – the private Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s in Paddington, and will probably use the same team of expert doctors for her pregnancy and birth. Doctors will also be available to Meghan at all times, just as they were to Kate, in case of complications.

Public eye

Due to Kate Middleton’s challenges during her pregnancy and her hospitalization for hyperemesis gravidarum, she was out of the public eye for much of her pregnancy.

While we have yet to see how soon Meghan Markle will withdraw from royal duties, if her prior behavior is any indication, she will likely continue with her regular royal life. The duchess was quick to take up her duties following her wedding, and since she seems healthy and energetic, she may be more active than Kate was.

On their terms

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry were lucky enough to be able to reveal the news about Meghan’s pregnancy on their terms. They reportedly told members of the Royal Family at the wedding of Princess Eugenie before the public announcement.

While some people have accused them of stealing Eugenie’s thunder, they also made a joyous occasion even more so. There are even photos that are reported to capture the moment that the couple told Princess Anne the big news.

Soon after their wedding

The Royal Wedding in May, 2018 was a huge event that was broadcast worldwide. Then, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced that they are expecting only five months later. Their child will likely be born around a year after they tied the knot.

On the other hand, Prince William and Duchess Kate, waited a bit longer after their wedding to have children. Prince George was born over two years after William and Kate said “I do.”

A tweet

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy was officially announced on Twitter, something that would have been unheard of several years ago. When the Royal Family announced that Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince George in 2012, social media was not as commonly used to make such important announcements, and a spokesperson for the family made the proclamation.

This time, excited followers around the world learned of Meghan’s pregnancy when Kensington Palace tweeted the big news, and fans were quick to share their reactions on Twitter as well.

The throne

One of the biggest differences between Prince William and Duchess Kate’s children and Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s children is their spot in the line of succession.

When Kate Middleton was pregnant with her first child, everyone knew that the baby would most likely be king one day. However, Meghan Markle’s child will be born in the seventh place in the line of succession and it is very unlikely that he or she will ever take the throne.

Too soon to tell

Much remains to be seen about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy and what will happen once she gives birth. Just like William and Kate, It is unlikely that the expectant couple will announce the gender of the unborn child, so we’ll have to wait to find out.

In addition, Meghan and Harry will have to share the news of the birth with the Queen before anyone else is allowed to know, even Meghan’s mother. We are all excited about the big news and eagerly awaiting the new addition to the Royal Family.