This Is How Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Spends His Millions

When you’re one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood, you can’t kind of get away with spending money on all those little luxuries. Since his time as The Rock in the WWE, Dwayne Johnson has become a household name for more than just his wrestling skills. Ever wondered what someone worth $220 million splashes their cash on? It’s not just massive mansions and fancy cars, as The Rock certainly knows how to have a bit of fun with his money.

Spending his fortune

Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson has become Hollywood’s most wanted star after a hugely successful past few years. He has been smashing it at the box office and is the top-earning actor in 2018 due to his movie successes.

With so much money coming in, The Rock has to find a way to spend his millions. Having so much money in the bank is a great problem to have, and Dwayne Johnson has found some pretty fun ways to splash the cash!

Lucky socks

Something Dwayne Johnson simply cannot leave the house without when a big event comes up are his lucky socks. The actor is a huge fan of the Star Wars sci-fi franchise, and he told fans he always wears his lucky socks to all big occasions.

Johnson confessed that he has more than one pair of the same socks, and estimated he had around five pairs of these particular foot warmers. Not everything The Rock buys is expensive, but don’t worry there’s plenty of extravagant purchases to come.

Smelling good

Lots of famous people associate themselves with some kind of fragrance. Many singers develop their own perfumes, while others become the face of a scent.

The Rock has a different approach to cologne and instead of being the face of one particular brand, he buys a whole variety. When getting into character for his roles, The Rock tries to decide what cologne his characters would wear. When he’s found the perfect cologne for his part, he will wear that fragrance around the movie set.


Johnson found fame as a professional wrestler, but amazingly that wasn’t his first sporting love. While at college The Rock played football. He was looking set for an amazing future, but during his time playing at the University of Miami his hopes were dashed.

Johnson suffered an injury, and that spelled the end of his football career. Although he never made it, Johnson still has a lot of love for the game and actually donated $1 million to the University of Miami’s football team.

Giving back to the fans

The Hollywood megastar tries to give back to the fans who helped make him what he is today. He has even become an ordained minister, allowing him to marry fans as a surprise.

When he is unable to make appointments with fans he still finds a way to make them smile. Recently he couldn’t visit a fan so instead arranged for them and their friends to watch his movie Rampage in a movie theater. The bonus was that Johnson paid for everyone’s candy, popcorn, and soda!

Time to suit up

The Rock has spent the past 20 years getting into serious shape and he looks incredible, especially when you consider he is pushing 50. While his body is one to envy for many people, The Rock’s fashion sense hasn’t been forgotten about.

He looks good no matter what he wears, but Johnson makes sure when he steps onto the red carpet he is looking sharp in fancy suits. No expenses are spared when it comes to the best threads, and Johnson’s movie success means there are plenty of red carpet appearances.

Cosmetic surgery

You might not think it to look at him, but Johnson reportedly had a little help in shaping his body. The time he spends in the gym is unquestionable, just look at his social media feed, but there was something about his body the gym just wouldn’t fix.

His chest was carrying a little more bulk than he wanted, so when it wouldn’t shift naturally, Johnson had liposuction. The difference might not be noticeable, but it gave him the confidence to become the biggest star in the world right now.

Fancy cars

If you’re going to earn hundreds of millions of dollars, then some of that cash is going to have to be spent having a blast. One way Johnson likes to get his heart racing is to spend millions on his exotic car collection.

There is one car that stands out from the rest, and it is this, Pagani Huayra; Johnson owns one of the 100 that were made. It costs $1.3 million and is incredibly fast, racing from 0 to 60 in just 2.9 seconds.

Helping others

The Rock comes across as a generous soul, and with so much money coming his way he likes to give back to others if he can. Although he is one of the busiest actors in the world, Johnson devotes plenty of his time visiting those less fortunate than him.

He also spends much of his money to help others and has set up the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation to do precisely that. Through his foundation, Johnson helps the lives of many children while also trying to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Skincare regime

There is no denying that The Rock looks great, but it’s not just because of his muscular physique. Johnson eats well which helps him to look younger, and to give his skin an extra youthful look he loves spending money on his skincare regime.

One of the Rock’s skincare products is thought to be the famed La Mer cream, which costs an astonishing $300 per pot. While he might drop $300 on a pot of cream, he also likes to buy regular stuff too. Johnson admitted his most-bought item is Neutrogena deep cream face wash.


The Rock needs to eat around 5,000 calories per day to give his body the fuel it needs. He eats mountains of food, but mostly always it is good for him.

To give himself a break from eating healthily, Johnson regularly schedules a cheat day, allowing him to break from his strict diet. One of his favorite ‘cheats’ is sushi, and the former professional wrestler loves to update his social media followers on his eating habits. He regularly shares pictures of sushi stacks like these, before devouring the lot.

Slogan t-shirts

Dwayne Johnson is in the public eye a lot, even though that’s mostly from his own social media accounts. With so many eyes on him, he has over 120 million followers on Instagram alone, he likes to spread messages of positivity.

The Rock spreads his messages of positivity through the use of a well-placed slogan on his shirts. These messages hark back to his wrestling days, and it’s something he has continued to do over the past 20 years in the spotlight.

Getting inked

Johnson’s body has become heavily tattooed in recent years. Now both of his massive arms are covered in ink, but they are not just meaningless works of art. The Brahma bull on his right arm has been redesigned to tell the story of The Rock’s struggles in life.

Then on his left arm and chest is a Polynesian tribal work of art, which gives a nod to his Samoan roots. His most recent tattoo was done by the world-renowned artist, Nikko Hurtado, who charges over $200 per hour for his time.


Like many of the most famous celebrities, Johnson needs a fancy place to live, and this is the place he once called home in Miami.

The mansion in south Florida cost $4.5 million and comes equipped with more than enough space. The backyard alone is 2.5 acres, while the entire property spans across 13,000 square feet. With five bedrooms and a garage big enough to fit six cars, The Rock’s money was well spent.


Johnson loves a big meal on his cheat days, and while his favorite treat might be sushi, there is one meal that’s not far behind. Pizza is one of the world’s favorite foods and it’s safe Johnson is a fan of the cheesy meal.

He regularly orders three pizzas on a cheat day, and that’s just for himself! No matter where you get your pizza from you’ll never be disappointed. After all, even bad pizza is still pizza, although Johnson can afford the finest pizzas money can buy.

His own gym equipment

You don’t get to look like The Rock unless you spend serious time in the gym, and that’s what the Hollywood star does, every day.

Not content with sharing his workout space with the public, Johnson built himself his very own gym in his backyard. He calls it ‘Iron Paradise’ and it is filled to the brim with the latest exercise equipment, helping Johnson get into the best shape of his life. With Iron Paradise being so close, the film star can just roll out of bed and straight into the gym.

Doggy gym equipment

It isn’t just himself that Johnson looks out for, he also has the interests of his family to consider. One of the most cherished members of his family is his dog Hobbs, the super cute French bulldog.

Wanting to treat his pet as much as he treats his family, Johnson bought his little four-legged friend some workout equipment of his very own. Working out is a daily habit for Johnson, and now Hobbs can get his very own workout too by joining his papa in the Iron Paradise.

Keeping time

To make sure he is able to keep up with his busy schedule The Rock has bought himself some very expensive aids, his watches.

Over time, Johnson has developed an expensive taste, and one thing he loves to buy are watches, with Rolex being one of his favorite brands. He owns a $35,000 Rolex and another cheaper, but still not affordable, $14,000 timepiece. Not content sticking to just one brand, Johnson also has a $12,000 Panerai Luminor watch in his collection.


After finding great success in film, Johnson wanted to have a go at making his own productions. Seven Bucks production company was co-founded by Johnson and his ex-wife Dany Garcia.

The company is responsible for the hugely successful spots drama Ballers, and action movie Baywatch, both starring The Rock. Seven Bucks’ latest project was Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, a reboot of the ‘90s adventure classic. The name Seven Bucks comes from the amount of money Johnson had in his wallet when he was cut from the Canadian Football League.


Johnson spends his time jetting around the world, starring in, and promoting, his many films. That often means he has to spend lots of his time holed up in hotel rooms, rather than staying at home with his family.

Johnson spends thousands of dollars each year staying in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, often converting his rooms to “makeshift offices.” He would probably rather stay at home, but his success means Johnson has to travel the world ‘forced’ to live in luxury while on the road.

Looking after his dad

Something few people could accuse Johnson of is forgetting where he comes from, and the Hollywood megastar makes sure he looks after his family. One Christmas, perhaps struggling to decide what to buy his father, Johnson bought his dad a touching gift.

For his father he wrapped up this brand new SUV, as a thanks for everything the man who raised him had done for Johnson. One of the best ways Johnson can enjoy his millions is to share them with those he cares about the most.

Gifting his uncle

Johnson was doing his best Oprah impression and gave away yet another car. This is Johnson’s uncle, and the former professional wrestler wanted to help him out.

Johnson was flat broke after getting cut from the Canadian Football League, and with only seven bucks in his wallet couldn’t afford much. Noticing his wrestling potential, Johnson’s uncle bought him wrestling gear to help get him in the ring. Without his wrestling career Johnson might never have been the star he is today, so he has a lot to thank his uncle for.

Oh my cod

At one stage of his life, The Rock was eating a lot of fish. He reportedly had a real thing for cod in particular, and the Hollywood star admitted he had to curb his habit.

According to reports he used to eat around 800 pounds of the fish per year before cutting it out in 2016. That’s a lot of fish, but with 5,000 calories per day to find, if Johnson likes something he’s probably going to stick with it.

Jetting around the world

One of the biggest expenses in The Rock’s life is undoubtedly his private jet. Johnson is regularly seen getting into or coming out of his Gulfstream G650, and it won’t surprise you to learn they don’t come cheap.

This particular jet is estimated to have cost Johnson around $65 million, but we bet it sure does come in handy. When attending a film premiere on the other side of the world, why take a regular plane when you can fire up the jets on your very own?

His family

The most important thing The Rock spends his money on is unquestionably his family. This is a picture of his mother crying while sat onboard Johnson’s private plane.

She is crying tears of joy as she just can’t believe how far their family has come. The Rock has gone from being completely broke to the highest-grossing actor at the box office, and he’s far from finished yet. There are plenty more Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movies to be seen in the coming years, adding more cash in the star’s pockets.