Woman whose partner left her for being too disabled asks if she’ll ever be loved

Woman whose partner left her for being too disabled asks if she’ll ever be loved

Finding love is never easy. Especially in an era where most people have an idealized person in their mind when they think of loving someone, or when people expect nothing short of someone perfect. No one is perfect, that’s for sure. But what happens when you have one flaw that someone says they can’t ignore? Do you give up the search for love?

Deserving of love

32-year-old Emily and her Twitter followers prove that nothing can stand in their way. And that everyone deserves love, no matter what.

Deserving of love

Because even if you are deemed flawed in one person’s eyes, there will be someone that thinks you’re perfect just the way you are.


It all started when Liverpool resident Emily Linka was dumped by her partner. Other than her Ehlers-Danlos syndromes in several body parts, Emily’s been in a wheelchair since last year, due to a stroke.

Heartbrokenץ Instagram: Emily Linka

So her partner told her cruelly that she was “too disabled” to be with. Emily’s world fell apart at that moment. She thought she’d never get a chance at love again, and she was undeserving of it due to her disability.

A ‘weird request’

So Emily decided to try one last thing before she lost hope completely. She turned to her social media account and posted there for her followers to see. She told them of what happened with her partner, saying she was having a hard time imagining “being loved in a chair.”

She then proceeded to say she had a weird request for them, especially the disabled couples reading the post. She asked them if they could share their own love stories to help cheer her up.

Touching the lives of others

At first, she thought no one was going to take her seriously. But to her surprise and delight, she was wrong. Big time. Her post touched people’s hearts, as they could identify with her. Sometimes seeking love is hard even if you don’t have a disability.

Touching the lives of others

So thousands of pictures from couples started showering her feed. They were from all around the world, and each had a unique, touching story to tell. Each and every one described how they found their significant other, and how everybody deserves to find happiness.

Learning ASL

Becca from Maryland for example described how being deaf was never an issue for her and her boyfriend, who even went so far as to learn ASL to be able to communicate with her better. They started out as best friends, being that status for years, but have been dating for over a year now.

She said he was doing a great job learning ASL. This is just goes to show that any obstacle and gaps can be solved and bridged over if you only give it a try.

Not a barrier

Londoner Nik shared his and his wife Diane’s picture. They have been together for 24 years now. He described how they have loved each other “to bits” ever since they first met. He said that he never found his wheelchair to be a barrier when it comes to dating.

If her ever met anyone who found it to be limiting in any way, he said, then it was “their loss.” He was the one who got lucky not to be in a relationship with them.

Worthy of love

Another woman sent her heartwarming words to Emily, telling her, in addition to a picture from her own wedding day, that just because she’s in a wheelchair does not make her “less worthy of love.”

Worthy of love

She told Emily that one day she’ll be able to find someone who will be able to deal with everything she has. “This is me getting married last month,” she wrote later, saying how they have been together for four years despite her degenerative disease.

Getting engaged

Ella wrote in her reply to Emily’s post that she and her partner got engaged that day. It was under a picture of them, with her showing off her beautiful ring. She said she also uses a wheelchair, and her partner is her part-time carer, as well as using mobility aids full-time.

Despite this, though, she said he “loved [her] in a way [she] thought no one could.” She cheered Emily up by telling her that love “can happen,” to anyone.

‘Hang in there’

A man posted a picture of him and his family. Underneath he wrote that this was his wife of 29 years, along with their two daughters. He wrote that although he wasn’t in a wheelchair, in the past 11 years he has been dealing with Parkinson’s disease, something that made life more difficult.

But he didn’t give up on himself, and told Emily to do the same. “Hang in there,” he told her. This proves that if you have the right person beside you, you can overcome everything.

Two-year anniversary

AimeeAnn, another follower, posted a heartwarming picture of herself with her partner. She told Emily that like her, she was also broken up with for being “too sick” in 2015. She suffers from multiple chronic illnesses.

But this didn’t stop her from meeting her true love two years later, “somebody better.” They are now celebrating two years together. This was another proof for Emily that she shouldn’t give up, and that there’s always a chance for her, too.

Love conquers all

Alfred and Sue have been together for nine years, and married for five. This is a picture from their wedding day. Alfred was the one posting the picture, describing the many conditions he suffers from and the hardships he had to go through, but that despite everything he and Sue stuck it out and made it.

Love conquers all

He said that they are very happy together despite him being a bit “awkward to live with.” They truly prove how love conquers all.

Partners from Canada

This man from Canada replied to Emily’s post with this picture. He described how using his cane caused him a great deal of hardships, because he didn’t like using it at all. But his loving partner helped him get through the negativity and see the beauty in just being himself.

Partners from Canada

His partner made him appreciate himself once again, and remember what it’s like to love yourself. Emily replied how emotional she was after reading this.

Unwavering support

Alison posted a picture of herself and her husband. They’ve been together for ten years, she wrote. Five years into their relationship, she became acutely ill and disabled, something which changed her “whole life plan and outlook.”

Unwavering support

But Ian, her husband, has been with her through it all, and his support, she said, was “unwavering.” They ninth wedding anniversary was coming up in August. Sometimes the right person can stick it out with you through all the hardships life has to offer.

Thanking Emily

Sarah posted this picture, telling Emily and the rest of the world about her beau. They have been together for two years now, despite her “broken stuff,” as she describes it. She told Emily how she couldn’t find anyone better than, and how supportive he is of her.

Thanking Emily

When Emily thanked Sarah for sharing her story, Sarah was quick to reply and thank Emily, for ever making the post alive and kicking.

Going viral

Emily’s post went viral overnight. It got over 21,000 likes, and over 6,000 shares worldwide. The post inspired thousands of couples, other than the ones we shared here, to tell about their own love story.

A lot of the messages were infused with cheerful words, like “don’t give up,” and “anything’s possible.” Many of them mentioned how everybody deserves love, and her chance will come too. Similar stories like hers were also there, like people who were broken up with before, but found their joy with someone else, later.

Giving hope

Each and every post made Emily more and more hopeful that she could find the one for her, too. She replied to everyone that their stories had made her “so emotional,” and she feels blessed to be able to share their “diverse love stories.” She thanked her followers deeply.

Each and every rely she got got a personalized response from her, and almost all brought tears of joy to her eyes. The stories along with the pictures were the boost of confidence she needed to coming to terms with her disability, and learning that she, too, deserves love.

The big gap

According to WHO (World Health Organization), more than a billion people around the world are estimated to live with some form of disability as of today. This makes about 15 percent of the entire world’s population.

Disabling statistics

Also, the numbers keep growing, due to the populations who are more at risk of being with a disability, growing as well (such as older people). Yet, despite the increasing numbers, there is still a gap between disabled people and the rest of the society.

Raising awareness

Other than being touching to the core, Emily’s post also managed to close some of that gap, right there. It helped raise awareness and shows how, in the end, all humans have the basic need for love.

People’s reactions all over the world show as much. A lot of them commented how despite the bad reputation social media has, it can also bring good things and help spread love where it’s needed. It sure helped cheer Emily up.

Staying single

But apparently, Emily doesn’t have much to worry about in the coupledom department. More than 50 percent of the world’s population is currently single, according to a study done in 2014. The estimation is approximately one in four of the young adults of today will have never married when reaching the age of 50.

But it seems that that’s a good thing, even healthy thing. Studies have shown that staying single helps develop more confidence in your own own opinions, and experience more personal growth than people who marry.

Looking for love

Despite the good odds for singles, a lot of people out there are still looking for their right person. This derives from the basic human need to belong and feel a part of something. Freud got this one right: love is the cornerstone of our humanity.


Today, because so many of our needs are satisfied through materialistic things, we sometimes can’t distinguish between the momentary relief we feel and the constant need that nags for human contact. Love remains something we all long for.

Two pieces of a puzzle

Well, at least we long to be on the receiving end of it. It seems that today, though, we also seem to have a lot of trouble finding love, or recognizing it in its many forms, or even holding onto it when we have it.

Two pieces of a puzzle

But according to some experts, everyone has a person they can fully connect with; like two pieces of a puzzle. One of them said that social connection is “our brain’s lifelong passion.”

Love exists for everyone

The main thing that Emily and many others may take from her post, is that love truly does exist for anyone. Even if you thought it didn’t because you put exterior limitations that supposedly prevent you from finding one, like physical flaws.

But these are not things that are supposed to hinder you; they are the things your partner will also look at, and love. These couples truly taught the entire web that love conquers all hardships.